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Erica dos Santos Godinho

Meet a student

Erica dos Santos Godinho, studying Oil and Gas Technology, tells about the study programme

“I decided to study Oil and Gas Technology, because I found it interesting to expand my knowledge regarding the petroleum industry”

“The last years have shown that being an oil & gas professional is a challenge, due to the downturn in the oil price, so I thought it would be great to complement my geology background with knowledge concerning innovative technologies/methods that could lead to better use the available resources.

When I graduate, I would like to find a job to get started in my career as an oil and gas engineer and put my knowledge to the best use.

Presently, I am an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) - Esbjerg Section. Here I have the opportunity to learn from the experiences shared by senior and junior professionals during the social events and the in technical sections. It is interesting to share the key features of the projects I am developing at the university and be able to discuss different ideas and get advice.”

Project work

“My current semester project is about wettability alteration in chalk. This topic is of major interest, as wettability modification is one of the most crucial factors regarding enhanced oil recovery (EOR). More simply put, it means that being able to modify the usual oil-wet nature of chalk reservoirs towards a more water-wet nature will lead to an additional recovery of up to 11% of the original oil in place (OOIP).

In my last project, the main goal was to design an offshore separation train. Basically, we were provided with the composition, flow rate, temperature and pressure of the feed at the wellhead and we were asked to design a process flow diagram (PFD), including sizing of part of the equipment in order to meet the required downstream specifications for subsea transportation.

I think project writing is a wise way for the students to practice how to accurately report the developed work. This competence will surely be needed in our future jobs.”

Student life

“The international environment, the diversity of cultures and the multiplicity of ways of thinking that we are daily exposed to have been such great personal enrichments.

What surprised me most about studying at AAU Esbjerg is the fact that you can use your notes, and books while performing the examinations. The exams are far from easy, but personally, I think this is the correct method of preparing the students for their professional careers. Once being a professional working in the industry, it’s quite normal for you to face problems that you have never thought about, however, you should be able to search for the most suitable solution.  

I would advise new students to challenge yourself and aim for the best. Don't be afraid of changing and follow your dreams.”

Erica dos Santos Godinho from Portugal, studying Oil and Gas Technology