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Konstantin Jefimov

Meet a student

Konstantin Jefimov, studying Oil and Gas Technology, tells about the study programme

“working in groups is quite beneficial, because the workload can be split and thus more work actually done”

“I studied chemical engineering back at home and I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the field by going for a master’s degree abroad.

The best thing about Oil and Gas Technology is that it is possible to choose between various interesting projects. This means that students can specialise in lots of different areas. Plus, the teaching staff is very helpful and the general atmosphere in the university welcoming.

I am a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), where fellow students and people from different companies present new technologies and ideas via conference-style gatherings. These are wonderful for networking and getting motivation for your engineering studies. My study programme helped me in a way that it presented me with this information about these events. Consequently, I found information about how to become an official member etc.

When I graduate, I hope to get a field engineer position in a major oil & gas company.”

Project work

“I am currently dealing with wettability studies in the oil reservoirs. Wettability plays a significant role in the recovery efficiency of the oil and there are certain methods that can enhance it.

Last semester my fellow colleagues and I designed an offshore oil separation facility and implemented different mathematical methods to describe various issues regarding separation, instrumentation, thermodynamics etc.

It goes without saying that working in groups is quite beneficial, because the workload can be split and thus more work actually done. Working with projects usually means working with enormous amounts of information. This is to be expected in an engineer’s future career so it is in my opinion a very lucrative practice.”

Student life

“I live in Esbjerg and I think the night-life is there for those who seek it. Same goes for student life – there are various sports, bars, events etc. Most of them are free for enrolled students, by the way!

I really appreciate the fact that our university campus is open 24/7 and you can freely access any of the rooms to study, use projectors or perhaps get some books from the library during the nights of your pre-exam studies. Furthermore, as I come from Eastern Europe, where educational system is somewhat conservative, it is absolutely amazing that one can use “all-aid” in almost all the exams!

What has surprised me most about studying at AAU Esbjerg is firstly – the attitude of the staff. These people are here to teach you and to help you. You can really feel it (not like in many other countries) and this creates an amiable vibe, where you are not afraid to ask stupid questions or make mistakes. Secondly – project based learning, where, instead of finding the answers to questions, one finds questions to answer. This requires some time to get used to (especially if one comes from a country where this is not practiced at all), but at the end of the day it seems to me that this kind of method is quite rewarding.

To new students, I would say that it is most important to be active and not hesitate about leaving one’s comfort zone regarding various networking events and such. Also, it is in my opinion significant to attend the lectures and try not to forget that independent work after the lectures is vital.”

Konstantin Jefimov from Estonia, studying Oil and Gas Technology