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Frida Franic

Meet a student

Frida Franic, studying Oil and Gas Technology, tells about the study programme

“Writing a project is the hardest part. But I must admit that when it is done, and you have it in your hands, it makes you feel proud”

“I chose to study Oil and Gas Technology because I know the field is hot on the market and will have great job opportunities, even though people are turning more and more to green energy now. Also, because I have a bachelor degree in chemical engineering, it was a good way to expand my horizon and obtain new knowledge.

The best thing about my programme is that it makes us think in other direction than what is written in the book. Before I came to Denmark, my studying was learning from the book or lectures and I had to know everything by heart. Here at AAU, the focus is on understanding the knowledge and apply it.  And to have a connection with the “real world” through our projects.

To be honest, I still don’t have career dreams. I know that I would like to work in the industry, but the exact position or the sort of the job I still don’t know. There are some days when I would love to be in the lab analysing samples, and other days I love projects and thinking about how something would work, if it would work - trying to find new possibilities and solutions.”

Project work

“My current project is about H2S scavenging. How does scavenging work and can the performances be improved by mixing it with other solutions? What kind of solution and in what ratio would that be? Can we postpone or maybe avoid precipitation of crystals after scavenging reaction is done? It is interesting because it is in collaboration with a company. Also, it gives us free hands to try different solutions and temperatures ratios. It makes you feel that whatever you try, you will not fail, because you will gain some result. The only bad thing is that it stinks. It was a very nice collaboration. They were included in all steps of our project. We had weekly emails where we were updating them on our status, and we had video meetings approximately once a month to talk about our next steps and to clarify if something was not understood well. From this collaboration, I got a bit of inside knowledge about how projects could work in a company. The collaborators were very helpful in every step, they shared their knowledge and their past experiences without any hesitation.

The first project I did was more theoretical. The task was to develop a tool for calculating optimum oil recovery from the well. There was nothing visible or touchable, just numbers and excel sheets.

Writing a project is the hardest part. But I must admit that when it is done, and you have it in your hands, it makes you feel proud, because the thing you have been working on the entire semester is done, and you have developed/invented something and tried different approaches to an old method.

From experience, it takes time to learn how to do project work. At first, it seems just, “ah we’ll just write everything we did”. But then you have to think about so many things, for example how to combine different parts written by your teammates to make it whole.”

Student life

“Student life in Denmark is good. Different from what I am used to, but still very nice. Because of the projects you have every semester, you spend most of your time with your teammates. There is different kinds of parties or social activities organised in the dorms so that students can get together.

Best thing about studying at AAU Esbjerg is that you can expand your horizon. Studying with a different approach (PBL) makes you see things differently and eventually changes your way of thinking. Also, you are surrounded by people from all over the world and you learn about their cultures and customs.

I was surprised how things around here are relaxed. I was in shock when I found out that you call your professor by his or her first name, without any titles. How information circles fast, and how you don’t have to wait for something for weeks (documentation that you are a student, change of a program etc.)

To new students I would say, if you have a chance, try studying abroad, maybe just for a semester as an exchange student. But be brave enough to do it, because it brings so many good things. It is not easy always, but in the end, it is worth all the effort you put into it. Don’t be shy to talk to older students and professors - it will be easier.”

Frida Franic from Croatia, studying Oil and Gas Technology