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Filippo Borroni

Meet a student

Filippo Borroni, studying Oil and Gas Technology, talks about the study programme

“The student life in Denmark is very dynamic, free, and independent”

“I have always been interested in the Oil & Gas sector and what this programme offered was well structured and suitable for my future purposes. I would like to start working offshore.

The best thing about the study programme is that the student is given the chance to apply the theory learnt in class during lectures by means of different and related computer programs.

I participate, during the semester, in some SPE seminars regarding process engineering. The programme helped me to understand and to have a critical eye regarding the topics presented.

In the first semester project, we worked on the basic design and basic dimensioning of a separation train and gas treatment processes for an offshore production well. In the second project we studied the use of supercritical carbon dioxide in a geothermal energy extraction process by performing the experiment in a dedicated laboratory.

My current semester project is about evaluating the adequacy of the current industry standard API 521 on a gas filled vessel. Project writing is, together with the courses, a very effective and dynamic way to learn.

The student life in Denmark is very dynamic, free, and independent. In my city, especially at the beginning of the semester, lots of events are offered to the newly arrived students.

The best thing about studying in another country is the chance to meet new people from all around the world and develop new connections. I was surprised by the informality which governs the university, from the head of campus to the professors, allowing you to have a more direct and efficient way to learn, interact and grow during your studies.

My advice to new students at AAU: Go to lectures, work hard.”

Filippo Borroni from Italy, studying Oil and Gas Technology