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Meet a student

Meet a student

Kean Hansen is a student at the Risk and Safety Management programme.

 "Technical understanding and leadership perspective"

"I chose to apply for the Risk and Safety Management programme, because I already had a Bachelor's degree in Risk and Safety Management, and I wanted to develop my competencies further. I was especially intrigued by the courses of the programme, as they offered a good mix of technical understanding and leadership perspective. I saw this as a great combination, as I want to work with risks in large projects. You do not become a techical specialist, but you gain basic knowledge and the tools you need to work with risks within technical projects.   

The method of Problem Based Learning, which is characteristic of Aalborg University, is an amazing way to study as it requires that we are able to work together in large groups. This helps complicate the projects further because we are faced with many different partners, and at the same time we have to specify the project and improve it as well.

Through the project work, we work closely together with our lecturers, who contribute to making the cooperation with the industry much better, because we have someone to guide us and lead us onto the right track."

Kean Hansen, student at the Risk and Safety Management programme.

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