Service Systems Design

Human perspective in the core

Human perspective in the core

“During my Design Bachelor studies in Colombia, I became highly interested in understanding the interactions as well as relationships between human beings and systems organised within societies. Consequently, I researched fitting Master’s programmes and chose the Service Systems Design programme at Aalborg University Copenhagen.

Studying in Europe - more specifically being immersed in the Danish culture - provided me with a perspective to services which I cannot imagine to get presented with in my home country.

The highly diverse backgrounds of my fellow students both with regards to profession and origin enabled me to get to know and learn diverse ways to develop valuable projects. This process made me discover a wide range of ways people value, interact and see projects that can enrich the world.

In my view, this Master’s programme is the chance to understand the way people interact with each other, and the process and the objects inside a system are the core elements in developing valuable services. This is emphasised in my studies through where I learn about the importance of user participation through workshops for understanding users’ needs, values and motivations.

All this, the learning and insights, also gathered during my third semester's internship, as well as the chance to take part in different related events like the Service Jam and conferences with professionals gave me a clear picture of the opportunities and the impact that I as a service designer can have on people's lives by taking part in the creation of new and unique services that matter."

Maria Angélica Saavedra Hernández, student of Service Systems Design