Service Systems Design

Service Design is everywhere

Service Design is everywhere

“Service Systems Design brings me a new way of looking at the world. From a good navigation system in the airport, to a simple online shopping experience, service design is everywhere. Learning how to identify a problem, defining the right target group, developing the skills to interview people, placing the users in the centre of design and trying different ways of prototyping are the most important things that I have learnt from the study.

Based on the teaching method of ‘Problem Based Learning’ at Aalborg University, we students have the chance to work in groups to develop our own projects related to the topic of each semester. This teaching system turned to be very different from my previous education. In addition, during the projects, I also improved in expressing myself, in communicating with others and quickly adjusting myself in a group where the members come from different cultures and backgrounds.  

Besides the school life, Copenhagen is also a fantastic place to live. It’s a city open to all the young fresh minds; there are tons of opportunities to meet new people to generate new ideas and to make things happen."

Xinyi Huang, student of Service Systems Design