Service Systems Design

Working with your passion

Working with your passion

“I chose to study Service Systems Design in Aalborg University Copenhagen, because had realised from my student jobs that I really wanted to learn how to improve processes and make better customer experiences. I felt that I had encountered so many situations, where I didn’t understand why this or that couldn’t be made better. A lot of services are suboptimal, and I wanted to learn why this is, and what I might be able to do about it. Attending this particular Master’s programme has allowed me to 1) approach something I am not happy about, and see how it can be done better, and 2) go through the process of developing new, meaningful service offerings.

I am surprised at the support service design is getting around the world, and the community around the field is so open to exchange ideas that I am very optimistic about the future. We also experienced this openness, when some of us students organised a study trip to visit nine different, high profile service design institutions in London in January 2016. To AAU’s credit, they were willing to support our trip financially as well as provide us with a space to present our experience when we came back.

The study is young and flexible which means you can take on almost any project you are passionate about, and work on it from a relevant angle within the service design approach. The study is also very international and surprisingly diverse in terms of academic backgrounds. In my experience, the projects we have done really reflect this diversity, and I am sure that this network will be a great asset to all alumni in the future.”

Esben Grøndal, student of Service Systems Design

Esben holds a bachelor’s in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University. Before embarking upon his master studies, Esben worked with customer service and development at Andersen Bakery; the fourth largest bakery concern in Japan.