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Structural and civil engineering

Meet a student

Meet a student

Andreas Larsen is a student in the Structural and Civil Engineering programme.

"The building industry has always fascinated me, which is why I chose to study Structural and Civil Engineering”

"What I love the most about studying at Aalborg University is the fact that we learn so much from working together in teams. We both work with large semester projects and mini projects. As a new student, you can look forward to this. We try out theory in ‘real life’ situations by making tests and measurements, which we afterwards discuss and analyse in our project group. Especially during the mini projects, which last for one week at a time. Here, we also have the opportunity to discuss  the problems with other groups. We learn a lot from this proces because we get many different angles on the same problem.

In the larger semester projects, we work together with five to seven people. In my latest project with the title ‘The construction and energy consumption of a building’, we were five persons in the group. Three persons worked with the subject ‘construction’, and the other two persons worked with energy and indoor climate in the building. In this way, we could all go in depth with a specific subject. At the same time, we focused on sharing knowledge. We learned a lot about ourselves from passing on knowledge to group members and taking an interest in their subject as well."

Andreas Larsen is a student at the Structural and Civil Engineering programme.