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Structural and civil engineering

Meet a student

Meet a student

Mihai is a student in the Structural and Civil Engineering programme.

"I like the freedom of choice and the multicultural environment"

"I decided to become a civil engineer while watching a documentary called Extreme Engineering five years ago. I was impressed by the incredible structures and by the advanced engineering behind them. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to take part in similar projects.

Now I am in the second semester of my Master’s programme, and I am working on a project doing the same numerical analysis and simulations that were done for the Palm Islands in Dubai. The project is about extending a port on the west coast of Denmark and determining how this modification will affect the behavior of the waves inside the harbor and the shape of the nearby coastline.

As during our previous projects, we have many options regarding the new design of the port. The supervisors help us to move forward in the correct direction, but they never give us exact answers or solutions – we have to figure this out ourselves.

I like the freedom of choice and the multicultural environment within our project group. Working in this way, we can put our imaginations to work, and I think it simulates pretty well the work environment in a company.

Balance and equilibrium are two very important principles in structural design, and in my opinion, we should apply them in life as well. Living in Aalborg is not all about studying. Although it is a relatively small city, there are many places to hang out and have fun. While studying here, I have enriched my vocabulary with interesting words like “Friday bar” and “pub-crawl”.

Mihai Mureșan from Romania, studying Structural and Civil Engineering