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Surveying and Mapping

Academic content

Academic content

The Msc programme in Surveying and Mapping at Aalborg University, Denmark is divided into four semesters running respectively from September to January and from February to June (January and June partly reserved for exams). Thus, students will typically complete the programme in 2 years.

1st semester: Positioning 

The 1st semester concerns positioning, which is the determination of the spatial position of an object in relation to one or more reference systems.

A number of courses are held, dealing with theories and methods for positioning. The courses deal with GPS, laser scanning, photos, etc.)

In the project work the students work on both theoretical and practical issues regarding positioning. The project work may for example deal with:

  • A comparison and assessment of modern positioning technologies (GPS, laser scanning, photos, etc.)
  • Solution of specific positioning issues (positioning of cars, planes, persons, echo sounders, etc.)
  • Methods development in connection with the use of positioning technology.


2nd semester: Sensor and Data Integration

The 2nd semester concerns sensor and data integration. Mapping seldom builds on a single technology. Sensor and data integration therefore deals with the combination of data from various positioning technologies (treated at the first semester) and/or combination of more positioning technologies (combination of GPS receiver and digital camera, etc.).

At the second semester the courses deal with geodesy, statistics, remote sensing, mapping, etc. and various theories for combination of collected data.

Like at the first semester, the project work both deals with theoretical and practical problems.
The project work may for example be a:

  • Comparison and assessment of mapping technologies/methods (for example photogrammetry and laser scanning)
  • Mapping/modelling of topography based on a 3D point cloud from a laser scanner mounted in a plane
  • Positioning/orientation of a digital camera by means of GPS and inclination sensors.

3rd semester:Professional Development

At the 3rd semester it is possible for you:

  • to carry through an internship in a relevant private or public enterprise and with that learn how the disciplines are executed in practice
  • to go for a relevant study stay at another Danish or foreign university
  • to write a project within the theme of the first or second semester
  • to make a so-called “long master’s thesis”, i.e. you choose to write the master’s thesis over two semesters instead of one.

4th semester: Master's thesis

At the 4th semester – which is course-free – you prepare a final project within a topic chosen by yourself. The master’s thesis is the “crowning glory” and the overall aim is to document a professional academic competence.

For further information, please consult the programme curriculum.

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

learn more about Pbl at aau