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Surveying and Mapping

Job and career

Job and career

Joining Master in Surveying and Mapping at Aalborg University, you have chosen an exiting future, where you yourself contribute to form your career. Graduates from Surveying and Mapping are needed all over the world.

As a graduate from the master’s programme in Surveying and Mapping you will have a well-rounded set of skills which will make you highly qualified to perform in a wide range of positions in:

  • The National Survey and Cadastre
  • Private surveying companies
  • National and international engineering companies
  • Consultancy companies
  • Oil and gas industries.

During your education you can influence your career possibilities in direction of the job profile that suites you best. Your job opportunities are many, and you will experience that you can often combine skills across traditional professions.


Career guidance at AAU

The AAU Careers Centre can help you with your career planning and establishment of contacts in the business world.

Due to language barriers it can be difficult to find a relevant student job, and you cannot expect to get one. However, project collaboration can give you experience and network as well.

Learn more on the careers centre homepage