Sustainable Biotechnology, Master

Martine Holmberg Olesen

Meet a student

Martine Holmberg Olesen who studies Sustainable Biotechnology talks about the education.

"When I started at AAU in Copenhagen, I was happily surprised by the high level of influence that I have on my study programme"

"The lectures combined with a group project every semester meant that we, in our group, decided which theory to work with and how we wanted to schedule the laboratory work.

Furthermore, we also had a very varied study environment, which I have been very happy about.
The lecturers are always happy to help with any academic or group issues, and if they cannot help, they will make contact to someone who can. This creates a healthy study environment.

We also gain practical experience during the study programme. For example, I have prepared bioethanol from yeast and straws and made citric acid from fungus. I have made these experiments, because I hope that one day, I will live in a sustainable world, driven by green energy."

Martine Holmberg Olesen

Martine Holmberg Olesen, studying Sustainable Biotechnology.