Sustainable Design, Msc in engineering

Job and career

Job and career

With a degree from ’Sustainable Design’, you will be an attractive candidate for many different positions. You can apply for a job in Denmark as well as abroad because of your interdisciplinary approach to sustainable design.

The growing global focus on sustainability, climate change and energy-efficient solutions in both private and public companies opens up many exciting career opportunities now and in the future. As an engineer in Sustainable Design, you could work as:

  • Design Engineer who develop sustainable products or systems in a public or private company.
  • Process Consultant who facilitates innovative processes
  • Development and transition employee
  • Consultant
  • Consulting engineer
  • Self-employed entrepreneur
  • User Experience (UX) designer 
  • User Experience (UC) researcher
  • Ph.d., Researcher

"I work as an Innovation Strategist at Acacia – a sustainable innovation hub. Like the acacia tree, we are pioneers at heart. Conceived as a catalyst for sustainable transformation, we are an innovation hub, helping businesses tackle the greatest challenges that our planet faces."

Simon, graduate from Sustainable Design


You can be employed as a design engineer who develops sustainable products and systems in a private company or services in a municipality or region.

This could be in a product development department of a large or small private company in which you are in charge of designing new product-service systems or finding and implementing exciting new technologies in products.

You can also become an employee of an innovation center that works with implementation of products to the public sector, e.g. hospitals. Here, you can help analyze processes and procedures at the hospital and involve patients and nurses in the development of new wards by facilitating idea workshops, create mock-ups and do usability tests.

"After doing my internship, the company still wanted to collaborate with me, and I decided to do my thesis with them for the next 5 months. It was just a few days before my submission when the company offered me a permanent contract." 

Agustin, graduate from Sustainable Design


As a process and innovation consultant, you could be responsible for coordinating and implementing development projects, and to ensure that relevant innovation processes and development methodologies used. This could be as responsible for the integration of methods for user involvement, and their investigation and implementation of new innovation processes, for example in the development of welfare technology, sustainable systems and energy-efficient products.


You can choose to start your own business. Based on an idea or a specific development project, which you have prepared during the course of your study, you can fold out as a self-employed Entrepreneur. Maybe you will develop and sell a radical new device to measure blood sugar, or an IT-based platform that enables carpooling for commuters, or something total different.

You can also become an independent consultant and sell your specialised knowledge on sustainable systems and energy-efficient products as consultancy to companies. Sometimes it is possible to find one or more former fellow students or friends who will join you and you can start a business together.


As a consulting engineer, you work as a consultant, typically for a large consulting company. You will be sent out to the customers in teams of consultants to various project assignments.

Project tasks can vary widely and include both technical, socio-technical and business aspects. You could be included in projects around the implementation of new IT systems or mapping, restructuring and streamlining of work processes. You could be working with infrastructure related to the extension of the metro in Copenhagen, or to help a business to make their production more sustainable.


As a development and transition employee, you will usually be employed in a large company, where you - as part of a team – help the organisation become more innovative and efficient in order to develop better products and systems faster, cheaper and in a more sustainable way.

This could be through the implementation of "open innovation", where you ensure that multiple users are involved in the development process. It may also involve implementation of new work flow processes and development methodologies.


With a Master's degree in Sustainable Design, you have the opportunity to apply for a Ph.D position either at Aaloborg University or at other Danish or international universities.

As a PhD-employed, you will get to work with a specific research project and cooperate with internal and external partners. You will receive ongoing guidance from your supervisor, go on study trips abroad and you will also in limited extent be part of the teaching of students, so that your new research also anchored in the education of new Sustainable Design Engineers.

Your PhD project can also be done as a business Ph.D. in collaboration with a company where you work with the company while you do your Ph.D. project.


As a UX design or researcher you will work in private companies with user insight. In such a position, you study user practices related to a product or service to be designed. These insights are then analysed and translated into design requirements to be worked with by other engineers in the company. The UX designer/researcher facilitates co-creation processes among a variety of stakeholders.

Increased focus on UX is a tendency among a large part of Danish and international companies.

Career counselling at AAU

AAU Career provides guidance on your career. While studying at AAU, you can participate in career seminars and job related events. You can also book a career counselling session and talk about, for example:

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  • Competencies – both academic and personal
  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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