Sustainable Energy Engineering, Msc in engineering

Job and career

Worker at drilling platform

Sustainable Energy engineers with the specialisation in Process Engineering and Combustion Technology have a wide range of career opportunities. As a graduate, you can work in project engineering, research, development and management in Danish and international industries or public institutions.

Problem based learning and working in groups during your study programme will give you many useful skills that make you an attractive candidate on the job market. You know how to approach a problem and solve it in collaboration with other people, which is often how things are done in the "real world".

Examples of possible employers:

  • Energy companies such as Vattenfall and Ørsted
  • Process engineering companies such as B&W Vølund
  • A wide range of producers of high efficiency energy devices such as Grundfos, Dantherm Power
  • Consultancies involved in energy technology and systems
  • Danfoss
  • Vestas
  • Maersk Oil & Gas
  • Rambøll Oil & Gas
  • Siemens Wind Power
  • B&W Vølund
  • A.P. Møller A/S
  • Tjæreborg Industri A/S.

Your work tasks may include:

  • Integration of wind turbines
  • Wind turbine operation
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Bio fuel combustion
  • Bio energy systems (biogas or bio fuels)
  • Hydraulic wave energy systems
  • Offshore energy systems
  • Development of underwater robots
  • Energy distribution to the general population
  • Energy optimisation of apparatus, systems and households
  • Development of new energy technologies and systems
  • Analysing new energy technologies
  • Researching energy resources
  • Consulting
  • Teaching
  • Assessing the sustainability of different forms of energy
  • Energy efficiency in the production and consumption of energy.


Career counselling at AAU

AAU Career provides guidance on your career. While studying at AAU, you can participate in career seminars and job related events. You can also book a career counselling session and talk about, for example:

  • Application and cv
  • Finding an internship or a student job
  • Competencies – both academic and personal
  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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