designing technology ethically and sustainably

designing technology ethically and sustainably

Lasse is studying Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO STUDY  your programme?

I’ve chosen Techno-Anthropology as my Master's programme because I find it relevant and interesting. In a time where new technologies accommodate almost every practice of the human life, there is a need for techno-anthropologist who can play a part in designing the technology ethically and sustainably so it will benefit us as humans and not alienate us.


I got my bachelor in techno-anthropology here in aalborg as well, and i really enjoy the problem based learning paradigm. This is one of the main benefits of studying here at Aalborg university. The PBL structure ensures that everything you do will actually have some relevance for the world outside the university. The project based group work is also very nice, you learn how to structure a big project and work together with different people.

in your opinion, How is this programme different from others?

Our programme, techno-anthropology, is different in many ways. For example the study is quite new, which means that there is no predefined answer of “What a techno-anthropological inquiry is” or “What the techno-anthropological research method is”. In many other fields you’ll meet a predefined answer of those above mentioned questions. Here you have to develop and form you own understanding. Furthermore the programme is interdisciplinary, where we aim to work combine different disciplines to get a more whole understanding of a problem – this is even more present at the master programme where we have students with other bachelor programmes who can contribute with interesting perspectives.

how would you describe the study environment here?

The study environment is nice, since we’re typically not more than 30 people enrolled in the programme per semester it means that you really get to know your fellow students well. In Aalborg we have the Techno Anthropological Association which makes different events for techno-anthropology students, both social and academic related events which aims to make a better study environment for the students.

what has surprised you about the programme?

It keeps surprising me how big a role technology plays in shaping our life, and how complex it can be to implement a certain technology and taking all relevant actors and their practices into account.

What has been difficult about studying here?

From time to time it can be quite stressful, the weeks before handing in project you usually work very hard to meet the deadline. In the beginning you’ll have to learn how to structure your time to avoid too big of a workload in the end of a semester. I’ve encountered a problem with having a group consisting of group members with different expectations to the group work and it can be really hard to address such things internally.

what does your future look like?

I would love to work within a company which develops assistive technologies. My dream job would be a place where I could use my competencies to develop technology which liberates people with special needs.