Techno-Anthropology, Master

Job and career

Job and career

"I work at Copenhagen airport. I observe and analyse human behaviour in the airport every day and use my knowledge in order to improve passenger experiences." Sana, Techno-Anthropology graduate.

Techno-Anthropologists can find work in any organisation in need of user involvement, technology assessment or implementation, sustainability etc. However, the typical domains, where graduates find work are within health and welfare, IT or environment and sustainability. 

Your future job title might be: 

  • Innovation consultant 
  • Digitalisation consultant 
  • Tech-specialist 
  • UX designer/ researcher 
  • Business analyst 
  • Project worker or project leader 

In practice, your job could involve: 


As a techno-anthropologist, you work with technology and humans in situations demanding profound insight into the development and distribution of technological solutions in an ethically acceptable way. 


You contribute to design processes and technological design with knowledge, skills and competences that ensure accountable and responsible technological innovation, development, implementation, and use. 


You analyse and map the need for, and the distribution of,knowledge in the area of technology culture in an organisation. 


You conduct advanced analyses to understand user insights and experiences of technologies and involve users in interventions. 
You use qualitative ethnographic methods, such as fieldwork, workshops and design games, to facilitate user involvement in the development of solutions and technology. 


You can perform implementations and evaluations of technology. You evaluate how technology can be implemented in the best way, taking context, culture and practices in society and organisations into consideration. 


You work with different types of digital mapping software to gain insights into online debates and controversies (e.g. 5G, vaccines and windmills). You contribute to a profound understanding of how communities behave online and how they might act offline. 


You bridge the professional and technological gaps between different stakeholders and actors by, for example, analysing collaboration in technological projects (e.g. cooperation between stakeholders in primary and secondary health care digitalisation). 


As a project manager, you can work with innovation and link management, designers, engineers, technicians and users. You facilitate user-driven innovation processes when developing design concepts and new technological prototypes. 

“We deal with a lot of different professions speaking each their own language. The wish to help and understand is essential in ensuring a good implementation of our projects. I can only recommend to hire a Techno-Anthropologist.” 

Lene Kjær Holst, Leadership and Digitalisation, Thisted Kommune 

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  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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