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Techno-Anthropology, Master

Job and career

Job and career


As a techno-anthropologist you will be able to make interventions in practical technological, institutional and societal settings. Your work will allow you to overcome problems with technologies seen from the perspective of multiple stakeholders. You will be able to combine technological knowledge with cultural understanding to address cross-disciplinary problems. In practice, you will achieve the competences to work within:

Responsible design

You can contribute in design processes and actual technological design, with knowledge, skills and competences that ensure accountability and responsibility in relation to technological innovation, development, implementation and use. You will possess the capability of analysing and assessing processes and design, which can be applied in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary design-contexts. 


You can conduct analyses concerning the need for and the distribution of knowledge within the fields of culture and technology within an organisation or in collaboration with a company's external partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a techno-anthropologist, you can work with technology and humans in situations demanding profound insight into the development and distribution of technological solutions in an ethically acceptable way.

Digital methods

You can use your knowledge with different types of digital mapping software to help companies gain insights into online debates and controversies. You can contribute to a deeper understanding of how communities behave online and how they might act offline.

User insights

You can conduct advanced analysis to understand user insights and user experience of technologies. You use qualitative methods such as ethnographic fieldwork, workshops and design games to facilitate how user involvement can be used in the development of solutions and technology.

Technology assessment and implementation

You can consult the implementation and evaluation of technology. Your research will give you the opportunity to evaluate how technology can be implemented in the best way when taking cultures and practices in society, organisations and/or companies into consideration.

Bridging the gap between cultures

You can do interdisciplinary work where your wide knowledge of technologies and cultures gives you the unique position as the bridging between experts, politicians, users, management etc.

You can help bridge the cultural gap between different cultures in connection with for instance international collaboration regarding technological projects or in connection with analysis of international segments e.g. project development or marketing.

Project management

You can work with innovation as a project manager or as the link between technicians and users. You can facilitate user driven innovation processes when developing design concepts and new technological prototypes.  

Where can you work as a Techno-Anthropologist?

As a Techno-Anthropologist in the private sector you can help involve users in co-creation and co-design of products. Furthermore you can create value for companies working with a lot of different expertise and actors. This calls for competencies to bridge the gap between cultures, interdisciplinary knowledge and in depth knowledge of culture.

As a Techno-Anthropologist in the public sector you can be a part of ministries, municipalities and districts that works with implementation, application and regulation of new technologies.

As a Techno-Anthropologist in research and teaching you can have a career within research or as a teacher at a university or other higher education institution.

As a Techno-Anthropologist In organisations you can work at EU, UN, a trade union, interest organisation or in an NGO where their members’ interest are affected by technology.

As a Techno-Anthropologist you can work within the areas of  entrepreneurship and innovation. If you strive to develop new innovative solutions this is also a possibility as a Techno-Anthropologist.

Career guidance at AAU

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Due to language barriers it can be difficult to find a relevant student job, and you cannot expect to get one. However, project collaboration can give you experience and network as well.

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