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Techno-Anthropology, Master

Student counsellor

If you have questions regarding study life, exams or the like, please feel free to contact our student guidance counsellors.


Johannes William Karlsson

Aalborg University - Copenhagen
AC Meyersvæge 15
2450 Copenhagen, Denmark

E-mail: info-cph@teknoantropologi.aau.dk


Wednesdays from 11:00  to 12:00

Supervision Centre, Fredrikskaj 12, Room 3, 2450 Copenhagen. 


Lasse Krejberg Møller

Aalborg Universitet
Rendsburggade 14, Lokale 2.352
9000 Aalborg

E-mail: info-aal@teknoantropologi.aau.dk


Tuesday 14:30-15:30
or send an e-mail in order to arrange a meeting.

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Contact Study Department

If you have questions regarding the content of the study programme, courses, entry requirements or the like, please feel free to contact the the study board of Techno-Anthropology, Sustainable Design and Integrated Food Studies (TBI-SN)

The Study Board of Techno-Anthropology, Sustainable Design and Integrated Food Studies 



Head of Studyboard

Tom Børsen

Associate Professor Tom Børsen

Phone: +45 9940 3050
Mail: boersen@plan.aau.dk

General Student Guidance

Have you already applied to a programme at AAU?

You are welcome to contact our Admissions Office, if you have questions about an application you have already sent, or need information on residence permits.

Aalborg University
Admissions Office
Fibigerstræde 10
9220 Aalborg Ø

Call us during office hours (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 12-15, Friday 12-14, Wednesday closed):
(45) 9940 9655 (master's programmes, guest/exchange and special programmes)
(45) 9940 9425 (bachelor’s programmes)

masteradmission@aau.dk (master's programmes, guest/exchange and special programmes)
bacheloradmission@aau.dk (bachelor’s programmes)

Considering applying to AAU?

Do you have questions about the application process, or general questions about studying at Aalborg University? You can probably find it answered on the website for general student guidance at AAU:

AAU student guidance

If not, you are welcome to call or e-mail us.


E-mail: studentguidance@aau.dk
Phone: (45) 9940 9440 weekdays from 12-15.
Extended phone hours from 10-15 during peak periods:
February 22 - March 15
June 14 - July 5
July 26 - August 8


E-mail: studentguidance@cph.aau.dk
Phone: (45) 9940 2450 (see opening hours)


E-mail: international@esbjerg.aau.dk
Phone: (45) 9940 7669 Monday to Thursday 8 - 15.

Personal counselling sessions

We can answer most questions over the phone, but you can also book a personal counselling session with us. Depending on peak seasons, you may need to book well in advance. Go to our contact page to see how you book a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to learn more about applying for a master's programme at Aalborg University, or do you need information about e.g. application deadlines, entry requirements or living expenses in Denmark?

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