Environmental Management and Sustainability Science

Meet a student: Veronika

Meet a student: Veronika

Veronika is studying Environmental Management and Sustainability Science, which became her interest after a student job in a consultancy in Munich. She finds the study area fascinating because it states big issues such as climate changes, biodiversity loss and large-scale interference with the nutrient cycles.

Why did you choose to study this master's programme? 

“During my bachelor, I was a student assistant in a private consultancy in Munich (Germany). The company was specialised in environmental and health-related issues which sparked my interest in sustainability science, especially in the environmental dimension. I realised that I wanted to move into a field of studies that would enable me to do some good with my work later on. One of my colleagues in this consultancy told me about the EMSS programme. He had studied this Master’s programme himself and recommended it to me. That is how I came to this specific programme.”

Study trip to Brussels​

Study trip to a plastics recycling facility

How do you think Environmental Management and Sustainability Science at Aalborg University differentiates from other educations within this particular area?

“Aalborg University in general stands out due to its problem-based learning approach, which in my opinion prepares us quite well for the daily work in many business environments. I also like that devoting a big share of the study time to the semester project gives us the possibility to shape our course of studies according to our own interests. For me, this meant specialising in Life Cycle Thinking and particularly in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a tool for quantification and evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of a product or service.

In addition, the fact that students from very diverse cultural and educational backgrounds are accepted to the programme creates a multicultural and interdisciplinary study environment. You meet and work with people with very different experiences and perspectives, so it never gets boring.”

Student life in Aalborg

Exploring Denmark with the project group

What is it that you find fascinating about the study area?

“It addresses some of the biggest issues we are currently facing and will have to face in the near future. With threats like climate change, biodiversity loss, or large-scale interference with the nutrient cycles a lot of work remains to be done for us ‘environmentalists’. At the same time, it is a very challenging field. Basically every measure you can possibly suggest has trade-offs in other areas – you always need to keep the bigger picture in mind, which I find both tricky and fascinating.”

Celebrating the successful Urban Design Studio

If you should highlight a project that you have participated in, which one should it be and why this?

“During my third semester of EMSS I did a four-month internship with a sustainability consultancy in Bremen (Germany). I spent part of my time on a university project assessing a German database of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and worked on projects on behalf of clients during the remaining time. I would recommend every student to do an internship if they have the possibility to do so. You learn a lot about how the contents of our studies relate to the “real life” in a company. It also just adds to your CV, helps you building a network, and makes you more confident when searching for a job after graduation."

What would you like to work with when you are finished with your master’s? 

“Most likely I will end up in the consultancy field, because I have done two internships in this area and my LCA-oriented profile fits with it quite well. But I have not made my mind up yet. Since our course of studies is so diverse, I expect to have other options. In general, I would also find it very interesting to get to know the work of an NGO or a public authority. It is still very much up in the air, and I am curious myself to see where I will end up!”