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Job and career

Job and career

Joining Master in Environmental Management at Aalborg University, you have chosen an exiting future, where you yourself contribute to form your career. You will find career opportunities in private consultancy firms and private companies as well as public organisations and international organisations.

During your education you can influence your career possibilities in direction of the job profile that suites you best. Are you for instance most interested in environmental management and greener products at company level? Or are you more interested in the policy level, creating institutional structures for and regulation of the environment? Do you want to work with various environmental projects as a consultant for public and private organisations? Your job opportunities are many, and you will experience that you can often combine skills across traditional professions.

Examples of job offers for graduates from Master in Environmental Management

  • Environment Manager
  • Environmental Consultants
  • CSR Manager 
  • Regional Environmental Advisor 
  • Principal Environmental / Sustainability Consultant 
  • Environmental Officer  

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Career counselling at AAU

AAU Career provides guidance on your career. While studying at AAU, you can participate in career seminars and job related events. You can also book a career counselling session and talk about, for example:

  • Application and cv
  • Finding an internship or a student job
  • Competencies – both academic and personal
  • Tools to help you clarify your ideas about your future career
  • How to get started on your job search before graduation


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