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Executive Assistant at IF Recycling A/S

Executive Assistant at IF Recycling A/S

Only a few weeks after graduation Dovile Gerdauskaite got her first job. She was headhunted by IF Recycling, where she works as Executive Assistant.

Why did you choose to study Environmental management and Sustainability science?

Since as long as I can remember, I had curiosity for broad range of topics related to environment. I have completed Bachelor degree in Environmental Management (in Aarhus), so it felt very natural to continue within the same line; and as it happened, it was at AAU. In total, I have been studying for 5, 5 years and there was not a day that I would regret my study choice :)

Dovile Gerdauskaite
Executive Assistant at IF Recycling A/S, 
MSc Environmental management and Sustainability Science

Did you do an internship?

Yes, I did. I actually had a chance to work with two companies during the period. A part of the internship was at Gabriel A/S, a leading textile company with headquarters located in Aalborg; whereas the second part was at Gabriel’s co-owned textile dye-house in Lithuania. In both places I was taking a part of on-going day to day activities, which taught me use of theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. I have been in contact with Gabriel’s customers, subsidiaries and suppliers in Europe, USA and Asia. After the internship I continued working with the company in relation to my master thesis ‘Supply Chain Sustainability Reporting’.

How did you get your first job?

Couple weeks after the graduation, I was contacted by the company and invited for an interview. I did not know that there was a job opening, so it was a nice surprise.

Tell me about your work

It is a medium size company; it is both challenging and very exciting. Apart from being a CEO assistant I have other responsibilities such as finding foreign customers, possible new projects, as well as cooperating in waste and raw material trade around the globe. So far I enjoy working at the company very much.