Sustainable Energy Planning and Management

Energy consultant at PlanEnergi in Denmark

Energy consultant at PlanEnergi in Denmark

Nikola Marinov Botzov graduated from the Master’s Programme Sustainable Energy Planning and Management in 2016. During the education he did an internship at PlanEnergi in Skørping. Afterwards Nikola was fortunate to get a student job and today he is working there as an energy consultant. Therefore Nikola recommends doing an internship because it gives you a better idea of what to expect of your future job, and it can open up job opportunities.

Why did you choose to study Sustainable Energy Planning and Management? 

"After finishing my Bachelor in Global Business Engineering, I thought the Master’s Programme in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management would be a relevant development of my professional expertise. It is a very interesting programme, which is offered only at a few universities around Europe."

From the graduation day. 

How did you experience your time at Aalborg University?  

"It was a very interesting period, it was fun, challenging and in a way refreshing. For me it came as a “welcome change” of environment, and I can definitely say I enjoyed it."

Full name: Nikola Marinov Botzov 
Job title: Energy consultant 
Year of graduating: 2016 
Age: 26 
Residence: Aalborg, Denmark 

How was it studying in Denmark, when you came from Bulgaria?  

"I have been in Denmark in almost eight years, so I am now familiar with the Danish way of life. When I first came to Denmark I was still very young, which made the transition surprisingly smooth. I guess if I should move to another country right now, it would be much more difficult."

From the thesis defense. 

Did you do an internship? If you did, would you recommend it?  

"Yes, I did an internship at PlanEnergi in Skørping near Aalborg in Denmark. This is something I really liked about the programme and I would definitely recommend doing it. It allows you to apply what you have been taught at the university and get a better idea of what to expect in the future."

How did you get your first job?  

"I started out as an intern at PlanEnergi, and then I continued as a student assistant. Afterwards I was fortunate to get a job there."

From PlanEnergi office in Skørping
From PlanEnergi office in Skørping 

What is your current job situation and what does it imply? 

"Currently, I am still employed at PlanEnergi here in Denmark. The job is very interesting and challenging, as no tasks are completely alike. This implies that generally there are very good job opportunities for Sustainable Energy Planning and Management graduates, both in Denmark and abroad." 

What skills from your education can you use in your present job?  

"I work a lot with EnergyPRO and with techno-economic analyses in general, which were also taught during my education/when I studied."

Energyplanning at PlanEnergi in Denmark
Working as a Energy Planner

If you need to highlight a project you have been involved in, which one would it be?  

"I would say my Master's thesis is the project I can distinguish from the rest, because I was able to combine the skills I learned in my master studies with the knowledge I obtained during my internship. Nonetheless, both group projects were also interesting and helped me improve."