Sustainable Energy Planning and Management

ENplus Assistant at European Biomass Association in Brussels

ENplus Assistant at European Biomass Association in Brussels

Maria Tsagkaraki from Greece finished her studies at Aalborg University in 2015. Today she works at the European Biomass Association in Brussels, where she is responsible for the management of the ENplus certificate, which is a world-famous quality certification scheme for wood pellets.

Why did you choose to study Sustainable Energy Planning and Management? 

"Building a sustainable future and delivering energy efficiently are tasks that spark my interests. Nowadays, providing reliable supply of energy to everyone without affecting the environment is one of the biggest challenges. That was a challenge for me too, which helped me to take the decision and choose to study Sustainable Energy Planning and Management."

How did you experience your study time at Aalborg University? 

"Studying at Aalborg University was a great experience for me. First of all, I would like to highlight the PBL model (Problem Based Learning), which helped me to build strong team working skills, which I think is important for a future career. The facilities and the academic content of the program are suitable and sufficient for students to work on their project. Thanks to my professors at Aalborg University, I had the chance to explore the energy sector and gain crucial knowledge on this topic."

Tasting food from all over the world during international dinner with fellow students​

Maria Tsagkaraki
Job title: ENplus Assistant at European Biomass Association
Year of graduating: 2015
Age: 27

How was it to move from Greece to Denmark? 

"I decided to move to Denmark firstly because Demark is one of the top countries in terms of renewable energy usage, and secondly I wanted to discover the Nordic culture. At the beginning it was not easy. The weather and days of sun in Denmark differ a lot compared to Greece. After spending few years in Denmark, I could say that I really enjoyed my time there and I am proud for this choice."

A trip to Stockholm, because living in Denmark is easy to discover the Nordic countries

Did you do an internship?

"Yes, I chose to do my internship at an Energy Consulting company in Amsterdam. I would highly recommend students to do an internship. It is not only the chance you have to put your knowledge into practice, but also the fact that you learn how to work on a professional level collaborating with other people."

Exploring Amsterdam during the internship period

How did you get your first job? 

"After my graduation I decided to gain some more work experience on an international level so I moved to Brussels. I did an internship at an Energy Consulting company working on a European project mainly focused on energy management and monitoring. Afterward, I got my first job at European Biomass Association."

What is your current job situation and what does it imply? 

"I am currently working at European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) in Brussels, Belgium. I am responsible for the management of the ENplus certificate, a worldwide known quality certification scheme for wood pellets."

What skills from your education can you use in your present job? 

"Studying at Aalborg University not only helped me to become experienced with renewable energy but I also learned to be organized and working on a structured manner. These skills are essential for my current job and my daily work."

Visiting windmills during a study trip

If you need to highlight a project you have been involved in, which one should it be? 

"All the projects that I have been involved were interesting and challenging. Nonetheless I would highlight my Master thesis as the most crucial project for me. The topic of my Master thesis “Life cycle Assessment in selected renewable technologies” was one of my interest and I worked with enthusiasm trying to apply all the skills and knowledge that I obtained during my studies."