Sustainable Energy Planning and Management

Sustainability and Innovation Manager in Madrid

Sustainability and Innovation Manager in Madrid

Jesús Serrano Moreno came from Spain to Denmark to study abroad for one semester within energy engineering. Afterwards he chose to do his Master in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management at Aalborg University because Denmark is one of the first movers in renewable and innovative energy. During his study he did an internship in a British engineering company, where he also got a job afterwards. Today he is a Sustainability and Innovation Manager working within the energy research sector in Madrid.

Why did you choose to study Sustainable Energy Planning and Management?  

"I did my bachelor final thesis project in Energy Civil Engineering during an Erasmus exchange in Horsens, Denmark. That year, I learned a lot about the most innovative energy solutions, and I decided that I would like to continue learning more about making use of cost-effective energy technologies and clever policy strategies. Some friends recommended Aalborg University for its high quality lessons and high employment rate. I analysed the diversity of Masters from Aalborg University, and I decided to apply for Sustainable Energy Planning and Management in order to continue my education to be a sustainable energy professional." 

View of the frozen Vejle Fjord in wintertime.

How did you experience your study time at Aalborg University?  

"My experience at Aalborg University was great. I have recommended it to all of my friends afterwards. It is a university that teaches you how to act in a working situation with collaborative semester projects, which simulate a day in an engineering or consultancy company. The teachers/supervisors are really close to the working society and explain the most successful projects in diverse areas from technical to legal aspects. It is relevant because they show us how the companies work and it makes the bridge easier between the university and the work situations."

Meeting up bowling with "master's colleagues". Jesús and his fellow students used to meet up and do different activities. 

Jesús Serrano Moreno 
Job: Sustainability and Innovation Manager 
Year of graduating: 2016 
25 years old
Residence: Madrid, Spain 

How was it to move to Denmark coming from Spain?  

"I decided to move to Denmark to find better weather; it is so sunny here! Actually, I selected Denmark because it is one of the first potential countries within renewable energies, and I wanted to learn more about it. After my first year I really liked the country and the people so I decided to continue my education for another two years in Aalborg."

Visiting the North of Denmark with friends

Did you do an internship?

"Yes, I did my internship with Exergy, a British engineering SME. They are an engineering company focused in energy research projects with diverse European collaborative projects. I was working in many different European projects and also developing proposals to achieve new opportunities in the research sector. I developed my final Master’s thesis with them as part of a project, which was funded by the UK Government for the implementation of waste revalorisation in Colombia."

25th birthday in Denmark of a friend. If you are unmarried at 25 in Denmark you'll get cinnamon thrown at you. 

How did you get your first job?  

"I got my first job in this company after my internship. I recommend all Master students to develop their internships, because they can use the knowledge they have obtained. Also, it is the best way to start in a company in order to get a future job."

Visiting Dyrehaven in Aarhus.

What is your current job situation and what does it imply?  

"Currently, I continue working in the energy research sector, but I moved to a new company in Madrid - Sustainable Innovations Europe. We are focused in the gap between the research projects and the market and how to boost the innovations to the end-users.  

What skills from your education can you use in your present job?  

I am referring to my education every day in diverse aspects, because I work in European collaborative projects as I did in Aalborg. 

If you need to highlight a project you have been involved in, which one would it be?  

In Exergy, I was involved in diverse projects but the one I worked on most time of the time was RESSEEPE - a collaborative European project for retrofitting solutions and services for the enhancement of energy efficiency in public edification.