Water and Environmental Engineering, Master

Meet a former student

Meet a former student

Jasper is a graduate from Water and Environment. Now he works in NIRAS.

 "I create the water solutions of the future"

"I have a Master of Science in Engineering in Water and Environment from Aalborg University. Today, I am working in NIRAS A/S, Aalborg as a project manager. I started in NIRAS as a student worker and was offered a job about a month before I graduated.

In high school, I was very interested in building and construction – particularly larger building projects and bridges. I was sure that I was going to build the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, which was one of the major talking points at that time.

Now water is part of my everyday life

Throughout my education, I had the opportunity to try out the different fields within construction, and I gradually realised that I wanted to work with water. The programme in Water and Environment more or less comprises everything regarding the water cycle - from how to handle extreme rain to how to manage the ground water which we pump up and drink. Water is one of the most essential conditions for human life on earth. However, at the same time climate changes are causing societal challenges where floods and handling of large amounts of rainwater is something that we need to consider. So water is not just water!

Sewers can be sexy

In my everyday job, I work with something as sexy as sewers. I handle the detailed project planning, make inspections and manage the finances as well as the time schedule for the project. It is really cool to be responsible for the final solution and later be the one to do the inspection and make sure that the entrepreneur is doing the work properly. This means that during the execution phase you have an opportunity to correct the errors or discrepancies that you yourself have made in the project phase. There will therefore be clear consequences if you have been “sleeping in class”. In these cases the academic knowledge from Aalborg University together with my sense of logic have saved me many times.

It becomes harder and harder to dig a hole

Among other things, this can be attributed to the fact that we have more and more wires in the ground and therefore must consider more factors. Moreover, there are often more parties involved in digging projects. As a project manager I am in charge of managing all the parties involved to ensure that we do not stand in each other’s way. The time schedules must be kept and in case of unforeseen challenges it is important that I am ready to react and find a solution so that the project is not coming to a standstill.

Managing big projects

The last, main success criterion concerns keeping the budget. To manage big plant projects worth millions of Danish Kroner can be a huge challenge, and the costumers are not happy if the budget is exceeded. But when everything works out between the customer, the entrepreneurs and the authorities etc., it is a very good feeling to experience the synergy of a good project – all due to the fact that I have done my work well.

A huge advantage to work in an interdisciplinary manner

In a big company, such as NIRAS, I always have an expert at hand. Whatever it might concern geotechnology, roads, environment, ground water, earth pollution, district heating or IT, my colleagues are always ready to help. Here my experiences with project work at Aalborg University also come in handy.

I work in an industry that receives a lot of attention these years and where things are moving in a fast pace. This means that there is focus on development, and for me it is fantastic to be challenged constantly. The solution that we used last year cannot necessarily be used today. Managing water is a vital task, and I am entrusted with the task of creating the solutions of the future."

Jasper Hastrup Jensen

Civil Engineer in NIRAS

Graduate from Water and Environment