Social life through different organisations

Social life through different organisations

Last modified: 22.09.2021

If you are a new student or just want to learn more about being an international student in Aalborg, these organizations will provide with you with information regarding accommodation, social life etc.:

Study Aalborg

Provides you with an overview of sports and activities but also general information about being a student in Aalborg. The main purpose of Study Aalborg is to distribute relevant information about Aalborg - thereby creating the best possible conditions to ensure that you, as a student, will have a pleasant time as a student in Aalborg.

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Elsk Aalborg

Learn Danish and meet up with other internationals for free with ELSK Aalborg. You can just show up anytime. The Danish classes are themed every time so you can jump in and out from time to time and there is no need for registration.

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Table games With KFUM KFUK

Come and play table games at KFUM/K in Aalborg every second Friday in uneven weeks at 19:00 - 23:00. Everyone can join! They have nearly 90 different games, and you can buy snacks and drinks in the bar.