Equality and diversity

Aalborg University works actively towards equality and diversity. Both in relation to counselling about choice of study, recruitment of students and about creating inclusive student environments on all of our programmes. On this page, you can get a simple overview of AAU’s ambitions and many of the concrete actions and initiatives that contribute to creating equality and diversity.

Choice of Study

AAU works purposefully with ensuring diversity on all programmes. That is especially evident on the programmes with a traditional uneven gender distribution. On these programmes it is continuously discussed whether special initiatives are needed.

For example has the Faculty of Engineering and Science set a goal of 50% female students and 50% male students, and the Technical Faculty of IT and Design has set a goal of 30% female students before 2025. In order to reach their goals the faculties have created special event based activities like an IT camp for female High School students and Girl’s Day in Science. AAU also often creates special communication- and campaign efforts primarily directed towards female High School students. Our MakeitReal platform and the stories we share on e.g. social media are part of these campaigns.

In general, AAU deliberately uses an equal representation of men and women of different ethnicities in educational information materials, and we want our female students to function as role models for other students.

Inclusive Student Environments

Inclusive student environments is highly prioritized at Aalborg University. A good, inclusive student environment is characterized by an equal, appreciative and respectful culture.

That is why there is a great focus on the welcoming (on boarding) of students, who become carriers of the good culture. All tutors have a common set of values, which is also the platform of a unified educational day for them. AAU deliberately employs many female mentors, and several of the programmes work with specific objectives in order to create and maintain a diverse and good culture – for example, the Technical Faculty of IT and Design aims to ensure that the dropout rate among female students is not higher than the dropout rate among male students. In addition to that, the programmes typically work with different group formation formats in order to blend Danish and international students, as well as female and male students. At AAU, there are also common guidelines for dealing with students’ experiences of abusive and offensive behaviour.

Inclusive student environments are also largely supported by students’ involvement. Therefore, AAU makes special communication efforts in relation to the students’ positions and choices for governing bodies and facilitates student-driven projects regarding the layout of the university’s physical environment.

Committee for Equality and Diversity

The Committee for Equality and Diversity has been appointed by the Executive Management. The Committee is responsible for the strategic and long-term development of equality and diversity efforts at Aalborg University

Read about the committee and its action plans