Choices during your studies


When you are studying at a bachelor's programme at Aalborg University, you have a legal claim to continue on the master's programme, which is the natural extension of the bachelor's programme you are attending. In many cases, you also have the opportunity to choose between other master's programmes. 

If you are applying for a master's programme for which you do not have a legal claim, the study board for the new programme will decide whether your bachelor's programme is eligible for the desired master's programme.

For some master's programmes, the study board has decided in advance whether the programs are admissible. If this is the case, the qualifying bachelor's programmes will appear on the programme's website or in your curriculum.


If you want to apply for a master's programme you do not have a legal claim to, you must be aware of special entry requirements that may apply, and that you cannot be certain of admittance. Having a plan B is therefore a good idea. Feel free to ask the student counsellor from the programmes you are considering about admission requirements, admission, study environment and academic contents.

CONTACT THE programme's STUDent counsellor

For more help about choices during your studies, you are also welcome to contact AAU Student Guidance.

AAU Student Guidance

Career choices

The choices you make during your studies can impact your future career options. AAU Career can help you during your studies with counselling on student jobs, your CV, and job opportunities after graduation.

AAU Career