Help on coping with the Ukraine-Russia conflict

The crisis that is currently unfolding between Ukraine and Russia is violent and worries most of us, but it is causing particular concern, stress, anxiety and insecurity among students from the two countries involved.


Navigating life can be challenging when a crisis strikes. When everything feels turned upside down, there is no one right way to handle it, but there may be good advice that can help. The student counseling service has prepared a number of tips that can make it easier to cope with the crisis.

advice on coping during the crisis

Need to talk with someone?

If you are affected by the crisis and need help, you can contact several different offices. The offers below are all free for students.

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    AAU Student Guidance

    You are welcome to contact a student counselor at AAU if you need to talk about how the crisis is affecting you, how to cope with your thought, or if you need counseling on how to handle your studies. This could be matters such as possibilities of postponing courses, obtaining leave, or applying for a dispensation.

    How to contact aau student guidance.

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    The Student Counselling Service

    You can also reach out to the Student Counseling Service if you need to talk about how the crisis is affecting you, and through one or more conversations get help on how to cope.

    how to contact the student counselling service

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    The University Chaplains

    The university chaplains offer conversations on how to process grief, loneliness, or dealing with personal or social problems that may arise in connection with the crisis. You can reach out to them at any time at +45 24 98 46 70 or by e-mail

Difficulties studying full-time?

If you are affected by the crisis to a degree where you are no longer able to continue your studies full-time, you have the opportunity to apply for dispensation due to unusual circumstances. Your study board will decide what is possible in your case.

If you need help applying for a dispensation, you are welcome to ask for assistance from AAU Study Guidance.