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    Danish National Center for Grief

    Danish National Center for Grief provides support and specialized psychological therapy to young adults between 16-27 years old who have lost a loved one or currently has a seriously ill family member. Danish National Center for Grief is driven by volunteers who have lost family members and loved ones themselves. The volunteers manage the national helpline where you can call, chat and text with them.

    Read more about their offers here

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    Victim Counseling (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Copenhagen)

    Have you or someone you care about experienced a traumatic event? Often times such events cause a physical, emotional and/or psychological reaction. Have you for example been the victim of assault, violence, rape, burglary, robbery, a traffic accident or another form of traumatic accident? In that case, talking to someone about your experience might be very helpful.

    Offerrådgivningen helps victims, witnesses and relatives in relation to violent and traumatic experiences. When you contact your local offerrådgivning, you will be assigned your own counsellor, whom you can tell what happened. The counsellor will try to guide and help you, and most importantly: listen and pay attention to what you are saying.

    The Offerrådgivning is free and all the counsellors are bound by professional secrecy. If you wish, you can remain anonymous. You can choose to talk to a counsellor on your phone and/or you can set up a physical meeting. Your counsellor will assist you in figuring out the best way to help you.

    Read more and contact Offerrådgivninge here

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    AAU Student Guidance (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Copenhagen)

    You can speak with a student counsellor at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Copenhagen, or Esbjerg. We can help with social and study related issues, or other challenging aspects of you life that affects your studies. You can book a meeting with us, either face-to-face or digital, and you can call us during our opening hours without booking. 

    contact aau student guidance

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    Coaching Center (Aalborg)

    A group of postgraduate Psychology students at Aalborg University has established Coaching Center, offering free coaching sessions that are supported and supervised by licensed psychologists.

    Sessions are based on the your specific conditions, and is open to all students who seek help with personal development, private or study-related.

    Center for Coaching can be contacted via email:

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    Copenhagen Coaching Center

    AAU CPH has partnered with Copenhagen Coaching Center, so that you as a student can get free coaching sessions. The coaches are students at the Master's programme in Business Coaching, and is a part of their training.
    Sessions are are based on your needs and terms, and are available to all students who need help reaching personal development goals, whether it is personal or study related. They also offer online coaching, so whether you live in Aalborg, Esbjerg or København you have access to their coaching sessions.
    If you want to learn more or sign up for a coaching conversation, please write to Frederica Winther on or through their contact form on

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    Headspace (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Copenhagen)

    Headspace offeres help and counselling to anyone between 12 and 25 years of age, on everything from family disputes, issues with friends, sadness, loneliness, housing and much more, and you can be fully anonymous. You can get in touch by phone, sms, or e-mail, or simply drop by one of their offices.

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    At Marhaba, you can speak to counsellors in several languages, who can help you with personal issues, information about your rights, and help you to understand letters from the Danish authorities.

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    STUDENT COUNSELLING SERVICE (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Copenhagen)

    The national Student Counselling Service is an independent institution that offers study-related, social and psychological counselling for free. The Student Counselling Service helps you and other students in full-time higher education programmes that are eligible for state grants (SU).

    The Student counselling service

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    University chaplaincy (Aalborg)

    The University Chaplains offer you free counselling and guidance if you are dealing with personal, social, study related or existential/religious problems. Read more about their counselling and find their contact details:

    The University Chaplaincy

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    The Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA) (Aalborg, Esbjerg, Copenhagen)

    DFPA can help with matters such as sex, gender, prevention, feelings, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual rights. They have a website in English with lots of useful information, and a website in Danish, where you can find their contact details.