Traineeship and career counselling

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    Practical experience during your studies

    During your studies at AAU, you have numerous opportunities to combine your theoretical knowledge with practical experience. AAU's project-based group work enables you and your group to enter interesting project collaborations with companies and organizations. You can also apply for relevant student jobs, traineeships in Denmark or abroad, or sign up for volunteer work.

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    Traineeship in Denmark

    During a traineeship you will be given the opportunity to test the skills, you have acquired from your studies. You will normally asigned to a specific job task of relevance to your field of interest.

    Also, you will learn how to be part of a real life workplace. Please contact your own student guidance service for more information on traineeship.

    At AAU Career, you can participate in internship events and even book a career counselling session, where they can help and assist you in the application process.

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    Traineeship abroad

    If you are enrolled at Aalborg University and are interested in traineeship abroad, Ms. Gitte Nørgaard Jensen at the International Office is available to assist you with finding a traineeship placement outside of Denmark.

    She is also the contact link between students, trainee supervisors, and the traineeship companies. 

    more info at

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    Career counselling

    If you have questions about e.g. applying for a job or internship, AAU Career is ready to help and guide you.

    As a student at AAU, you can book a career counselling session for free, where you can get guidance related to everything in the field of jobs and careers.

    For example, you can get help with:

    • Application and cv
    • Finding internships and student jobs
    • Finding out which types of jobs you can apply for
    • Finding out what you can offer as a newly graduate
    • Putting your professional and personal competencies into words

    Book a career counselling session

    AAU Career also hosts more than 20 career events each semester about e.g. competencies, LinkedIn, internships, job interviews and various industries and work fields.

    View the career events

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    AAU Jobbank

    Aalborg University's job bank, AAU Jobbank, is full of companies seeking project collaboration, student assistants, trainees and recent graduates.

    You can create a profile and be contacted by companies that need someone like you, but you can also create a job agent, which highlights and sends you relevant student jobs or internships directly to your mail inbox as soon as they are posted.

    AAU Jobbank