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Good advice when writing your master's thesis

Last modified: 15.11.2018

Are you just about to start your master's thesis? Skrivehjælpen at Aalborg University gives you 10 pieces of good advice that will help you get a good start to writing a good thesis.

  1. Write about something you are passionate about. It keeps you motivated.
  2. Start at the beginning, even when you don’t know much about the subject yet.
  3. Read targeted. You don’t want to loose your focus and fly off on a tangent
  4. Writing a thesis is a fulltime job. You need to work for 8 hours a day and only then can you enjoy your time off without feeling bad.
  5. If you write alone find someone to help read your text and keep you going
  6. There are many “how to write”-books. Don’t let them be another replacement activity
  7. Replace your supervisor if you don’t cooperate well
  8. Reward yourself for a day's work accomplished, and jump back on the horse when the work day has been unsatisfactory
  9. Get help from your studysecretary if you end up having huge problems finishing your final thesis
  10. Get started – every day

Been at it for too long?

Maybe you are already writing, and feeling stuck. Skrivehjælpen may be able to help you, too.

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