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Make your voice heard – AAU Election 2019

Last modified: 30.09.2019

Today, preparations for the celebration of democracy at AAU begin. The AAU Election 2019 has been called and you’re invited to join in. 

As a student, you have the opportunity to make your ideas on student policy heard or even put your ambitions to the test. You can run for and vote for the university board, academic councils, department councils and study boards. A place on these councils and boards allows you to make your voice heard when it comes to your study environment, teaching, and university budgets and priorities.

If you’re interested, you may declare your candidacy from 10 to 28 October. All candidates have the opportunity to take part in a free two-hour workshop where an external instructor provides guidance on how to make the best "campaign video" and personal pitch. The actual voting takes place electronically from 25 to 28 November. On 2 December, we will announce who was elected – maybe you or someone you voted for!

Learn more on our election website and on AAU social media where you can find updates on election news.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at valgsekretariatet@adm.aau.dk.