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Offer from the assignment tool Scribo: Free access until September 1st 2020

Last modified: 27.04.2020

Many students are currently writing projects and preparing for exams without the usual access to libraries and materials. Therefore, Samfundslitteratur has offered all students attending higher education free access to the literature-searching tool Scribo until September 1st 2020. The offer does not take place in collaboration with Aalborg University.

What is Scribo?

Scribo is a tool, which can assist you with structuring and putting your academic assignments into words. Scribo leads you through a number of systematic and goal-oriented questions. During these questions, you will have to decide on important assignment elements such as research question, purpose, choice of theory and methods, information searching etc.

When you have answered all of Scribo’s questions, you are able to share your document with e.g. your project group by exporting your answers to Word. From there you are able to edit the text and continue working in a shared document.

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Important remark:

As a student, your free access is granted through WAYF and you are able to create a user on Scribo from April 22nd 2020. After September 1st your access will be shut down, which is why it is important that you remember to export your text before then.

If you wish to keep your access after September 1st 2020, you will have to create a paid subscription at Samfundslitteratur for Scribo. Aalborg University is not affiliated with Samfundslitteratur or Scribo.