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Special restrictions extended to all of AAU

Last modified: 10.12.2020

Today, the government announced that the special restrictions that 9 December 2020 went into force in 38 municipalities mainly in the capital region are now extended to a further 31 municipalities. Among the municipalities now affected by the restrictions is Aalborg.

The restrictions also have an impact on AAU Student Guidance. Therefore we can only offer counselling by phone or video until January 4th, 2020. When booking a counselling session, please provide your mobile number so that we can call you at the time and date you choose when booking. If you wish to book a personal meeting after January 4th, we kindly ask that you list your phone number in the booking in case it is not possible to offer personal meetings after January 4th. Should this be the case, we will call you to set up a booking.

You are also welcome to call us without booking at our phone number above, or e-mail us at at