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What qualifies as cheating?

Do you know what qualifies as exam cheating?

As a student, you are responsible for becoming thoroughly acquainted with the rules that apply when it comes to examinations, projects, master's theses, etc. Not all students are fully aware of what qualifies as cheating at an exam.

Examples of exam cheating can be:

  • If you before or during an examination get help answering an assignment, when you are not entitled to help. This accounts for the use of aids during an examination where no aids are permitted. It could be use of mobile phone, or if you talk to a fellow student in the lavatory.
  • If you during an examination try to influence or change the grounds for assessment.
  • If you let the person sitting next to you look at your assignment, or if you use the lavatory during an examnination and talk to a fellow student about the assignment.
  • If your assignment includes an identical or almost identical reproduction of another person’s wording or work without you specifying that it is a quotation, it constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of the most frequently examples of cheating.

Exam cheating or attempts to cheat is processed according to AAU's rules regarding disciplinary measures.