Student complaints

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    if you wish to file a complaint

    You can normally complain about all matters concerning university business, if you are a party in the matter. Please first bring the matter to the attention of a teacher, your counterpart in the disagreement, or to the student counselors at your study. In many cases this can resolve misunderstandings, and it is at least an opportunity to get a detailed explanation of the conditions that you may be unhappy with.

    Below, you can learn about the most common types of complaints, how you file a complaint, and who you need to send your complaint to.

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    What can you complain about and to whom?

    In the table below, you can see common types of complaints. You can also see who to send your complaint to - this depends on:

    • What you want to complain about
    • Which faculty your programme belongs to: 

      The Faculty of Engineering and Science (ENG)
      The Technical Faculty of IT and Design (TECH)
      The Faculty of Medicine
      The Faculty of Humanities
      The Faculty of Social Sciences

    Type of complaint Send your complaint to
    Examination Secretariat and Educational Law – no later than 2 weeks after the assessment has been announced Secretariat and Educational Law – no later than 2 weeks after the assessment has been announced Secretariat and Educational Law – no later than 2 weeks after the assessment has been announced
    Project supervision Head of studies The Study Board (addressed to the head of studies) The Study Board (addressed to the head of studies)
    Teaching Head of studies The Study Board (addressed to the head of studies) The Study Board (addressed to the head of studies)
    Appeal a university decision*

    If a case is not decided fully in the complainant’s favor, and the decision is written and appealable, the decision must be accompanied by instructions on how to appeal. These instructions will state to whom an appeal should be directed. Complaints about credit transfer decisions are particularly addressed below.

    In some cases it is only possible to make a complaint about legal issues, in other words whether the case is processed according to current law and other administrative law.

    Complaints about credit transfer decisions

    A credit transfer decision is a decision regarding academic matters.

    A complaint about the professional decision is processed by either the board for credit transfer or the qualifications board.

    *This applies to decisions regarding complaints as well as exemptions, and in relation to both complaints about procedural errors, such as incompetence or failure to comply with deadlines, and other complaints.

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    What must be included in a complaint?

    There are three basic types of information that must always be clearly stated in a complaint: WHO, WHAT and WHY.

    WHO is filing a complaint

    Include your full name, programme of study, your current semester, your address and e-mail address. If you have a Danish CPR number, please include this as well. It is also important that you send your complaint from your AAU Student mail, as all written communication between you and AAU must be secure.

    If the complaint is from more than one student, all students who are part of the complaint must sign it.

    WHAT the complaint concerns

    In principle, the receiver of your complaint does not know what you are complaining about. In order to avoid confusion, it is important that you clearly state this information. For example, the following should clearly appear in complaints about examinations:

    • Which exam is being complained about?
    • What is the purpose of the complaint (complaint about legal issues, the foundation of the examination, the examination process, the assessment or other?)
    • The date of the examination.
    • The date of the publication of the grade (in the case of written exams).
    • The name of the examiner and, if relevant, the external examiner. 

    Please note that you must write a separate inquiry for each type of complaint. Should you want to complain about both the project supervision and the examination, it is important that you produce two separate complaints since these two types of complaints will be processed by two separate administrative units.

    The purpose of the complaint

    When receiving a complaint, the university often procures statements from examiners, study boards, and others in order to address the issue. To ensure the best possible foundation for determining the case, it is important that you substantiate your complaint as precisely and detailed as possible and preferably with examples. If you believe a legal mistake has been made, this should appear clearly from your complaint.

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    You must file your complaint as soon as possible, and usually no later than two to four weeks after the date of the matter, which your complaint concerns. The deadline for complaints concerning exams is two weeks from the date when the exam grade is announced.

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    Contact information

    Do you have questions about your options or rights, feel free to contact your study secretary or your study board. You are also welcome to contact AAU Student Guidance.