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Credit transfer

Credit transfer for study activities

As a result of the reform you are as an applicant to a bachelor’s or master’s programme obliged to state and apply for a credit transfer for all passed education elements from previously uncompleted education at a higher education level.

If you are given much credit for one or more semesters of your new education, it may be advisable to seek guidance from the study counsellor at your study programme concerning your further studies and maybe prepare an individual study plan. In some cases it is possible to enrol in courses and exams at a higher semester at the same time. In this way you will shorten your total study time.

With the Study Progress Reform credit transfer will automatically be introduced in connection with all pre-approved study visits in Denmark and abroad. That means that if you have obtained a pre-approval of one or more education elements and subsequently completed and passed these, they must replace parts of your education here at AAU corresponding to the ECTS for which you have obtained a pre-approval.

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