Information from SU and SPS - May 2021

Last modified: 01.06.2021



Remember to apply for SU for your Master’s programme if you complete your Bachelor´s programme this summer 

SU is granted for a certain study programme. Your Bachelor´s programme and your Master´s programme are considered two different programmes.   

If you expect to complete your Bachelor’s programme before the end of August 2021, and you are admitted to a Master’s programme starting 1 September 2021, you must remember to apply for SU for the Master’s programme as from July if you wish to receive SU in the summer period (July and August). If you wish to apply for SU for your Master´s programme as from July, you can apply via minSU 1 June 2021 at the earliest, since you can apply for SU only one month in advance. If you wish to receive SU in the beginning of July, you must apply no later than mid-June since a processing time of two weeks must be expected. It is not possible to apply for SU retroactively and for that reason you must apply for SU as from July no later than 31 July 2021. 

You are not eligible for SU during the summer if you graduate from your Bachelor´s programme in May or earlier. In this case you can apply for SU for your Master´s programme as from September. 


If you are granted exemption to sign up for Master´s programme courses while completing your Bachelor´s programme 

If you are granted exemption to sign up for Master´s programme courses while completing your Bachelor´s programme, please note that you are enrolled in the Bachelor´s programme thus eligible for SU only for the Bachelor´s programme. In this case you must prolong your Bachelor´s programme at minSU - ”Ret din SU – Forlæng uddannelse”. If you do not have any SU portions left for your Bachelor’s programme, you may apply for a loan “Slutlån”. Once you have completed your Bachelor’s programme, you can apply for SU for your Master’s programme.  


If you are delayed in your Bachelor´s programme or your Master´s programme 

If you are delayed in your programme, you must prolong your programme at minSU ”Ret din SU – Forlæng uddannelse”. Please note that if you hold a public transportation card “Ungdomskort” or if you receive transportation grants “kilometerpenge”,  you must re-apply for these when prolonging your programme. 


Extension of SU

If you have a professional Bachelor’s education, a two-year minor or propedeutics you might be eligible for extra SU grant portions. If the prescribed total duration of your Bachelor’s education and your Master’s education surpasses 58 grant portions, the SU grant is extended in order to level out the difference.  

Please note that the extension is only valid for your current Master’s education. You can apply by sending an e-mail to


Covid-19 and SU 

Several SU-initiatives regarding Covid-19 have been prolonged to June 2021. You can find answers to questions about SU in relation to COVID-19 here: SU Covid19 - English version 


Questions regarding SU 

You will find the answers to most of your questions at or at the AAU SU Office website If you have further questions regarding SU, you are welcome to contact us.  

If you need to submit documentation or applications to us, please do so from your student mail to our email  




Special Educational Support (SPS)  

SPS is an offer to students with disabilities. If you have a mental or neurological diagnosis, a physical disability, dyslexia or dyscalculia you can apply for special educational support (”SPS”). Different facilities or perhaps a mentor can be granted with the purpose of meeting your specific needs in regard to studying. You can read more about SPS at and  


Aalborg University is closed due to Covid-19, but you will still receive your SPS-support. 


At Studenterrådgivningen (SRG) you will be able to find advice and get phone counselling. You can find information at Studenterrådgivningen - English version 


AAU Student Guidance - Corona online help:  

AAU Student Guidance 

If you would like to hear more about special educational support (SPS) you can write to or call us Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12 (Phone 9940 9430). Your enquiry will be considered confidential. 


Please note:  

SU is closed from 19 - 30 July 2021.

SPS is closed from 26 July – 6 August 2021. From 19 July until 23 July mails will be checked.


Kind regards, 

The SU and SPS Office - Aalborg University