Information from SU and SPS

In this letter you will find relevant information about SU og SPS.

Last modified: 01.12.2021

SU and SPS Information – November 2021 

In this letter you will find relevant information about SU og SPS. 

Remember to check your AAUmail and e-Boks as you are responsible for keeping yourself informed. 

If you have any questions, please contact SU or SPS (contact information below in the letter). 


Letter about the SU for 2022 

You will receive a letter in your e-Boks informing you of your State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme for 2022. Notice that you must approve the loan plan for 2022 if you still want to receive the loan in 2022. 


Deadlines - SU: 

Deadline for applying for SU is the last day of the month, this means that if you want to apply for SU for January the deadline on minSU is 31 January.  

The final date for applying for SU in a year is 5 December. If you apply after 5 December, you can at the earliest receive SU in January the year after. 

If you want to stop the SU for an upcoming month, you can do that only until the 15th day of the previous month, through minSU.   

The deadline for approving the SU loan for 2021 is 15 December


Notice: If you are receiving SU in 2022 (You can check this on “minSU” or from the letter about State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme for 2022 you have received in you e-Boks) you do not have to reapply for SU for 2022.


Studie Activity and Study Activity Control  

In order to receive SU you must be study active. This means that you are not allowed to be more than 6 months (30 ECTS points) delayed. In March and in September a study activity control is conducted.  Lack of study activity means that you have not passed enough ECTS points compared to the number of SU portions that you have received. If you have not passed enough ECTS points your SU will stop.  You can re-apply for SU when you have passed the number of ECTS-points required.


If your delay is due to illness, work within university boards or special circumstances, you can apply for extra portions of SU.  If you are granted extra portions of SU your study activity requirements will be reduced and you have the opportunity to keep your SU – you can find more information regarding extra portions of SU here (only in Danish). Please send an email to our office, if you have any questions regarding this. 


Please notice that even though the study board has approved an individual study plan, or you have been granted dispensation to postpone your study programme, you are not granted dispensation regarding the rules about study activity and SU. You must still fulfil the rules about study activity to receive SU. 


Being delayed (for instance illness) 

If your delay is due to illness, work within university boards or special circumstances you can apply for extra portions of SU. You can find more information regarding extra portions of SU here (only in Danish).  Please send an email to our office, if you have any questions regarding this.  


Before you apply for extra portions of SU, please notice the following: 

  • You cannot apply before the semester has been completed. For instance, if you are ill in the autumn semester 2021, you cannot apply until February 2022 
  • You can only apply for those months where you have received SU and are delayed 
  • As a rule, you cannot be granted extra portions of SU due chronic or long-term illness 

  You can apply for extra portions of SU on minSU. You must send the receipt you get when you have applied together with documentation and a short-written explanation of how your illness/special circumstances have delayed you in your studies 


Being a student and having a child – parental SU rates (“fødselsklip”)    

You can apply for parental SU rates (“fødselsklip”), if you are having a child. Mothers are entitled to 12 parental SU rates, and fathers are entitled to 6 parental SU rates (Notice that from the summer of 2022 there will be new rules regarding parental SU rates. Further information later). 


Parental SU rates amount to the same as ordinary SU rates, and parental SU rates can be granted in 3 different ways or as combinations of these ways:  

  • Single parental SU rates (1 parental SU rate per month in 12 months – no study activity requirements)  
  • Double parental SU rates (2 parental SU rates per month in 6 months – no study activity requirements)  
  • Mixed SU rates (1 parental SU rate + 1 ordinary SU rate per month in 12 months– study activity is required)  


Parental SU rates can be paid to mothers from two months before estimated childbirth – and to fathers from the month of estimated childbirth. 

You can apply for parental SU rates no earlier than one month before you want the payment to take place. You must fill in the application for parental SU rates on minSU (”søg SU – fødselsklip”). When you have filled in the application on minSU you must send the receipt showing that you have applied for parental SU rates from your AAU mail to the SU-office together with documentation showing that you are going to be/have become a parent.   


If you start a new educational programme you may risk losing the right to parental SU rates. Please contact the SU Office for more information. 

Please note that there are important differences between formal leave of absence and parental absence. If you wish to continue receiving SU (including parental SU rates/mixed SU rates), you must not apply for leave of absence (formal leave of absence through Stads Self Service) since you are not entitled to SU while being on formal leave of absence. 



Youth Card (“Ungdomskort”) and Mileage Allowance (“kilometerpenge”)  

You can apply for Youth Card and in some cases Mileage Allowance - read more about these transportion discounts here 


Extension of SU 

If you have a professional bachelor’s education, a two-year minor or propedeutics you might be eligible for extra SU grant portions. If the prescribed total duration of your bachelor’s education and your master’s education surpasses 58 grant portions, the SU grant is extended in order to level out the difference.   

Please note that the extension is only valid for your current master’s education. You can apply by sending an e-mail to our office.



Special Educational Support (SPS)  

SPS is an offer to students with disabilities. If you have a mental or neurological diagnosis, a physical disability, dislexia or dyscalculia you can apply for special educational support (”SPS”). Different facilities or perhaps a mentor can be granted with the purpose of meeting your specific needs in regard to studying.  


AAU has initiated a new study under the auspices of SPS – sign up today and receive two cinema tickets!

If you receive Special Educational Support (SPS), are under examination for a diagnosis or have long-term mental or physical challenges then we need your help.

AAU wants to strengthen the support for you and your fellow students in the above-mentioned target group. That is why we need your specific experiences to gain more knowledge about how we best can support students with special needs. So, if you want to invest one hour of your time, you can help make a difference for yourself and your fellow students.

You can register by email . You are also welcome to contact us if you need any further information before you make the decision to participate with your knowledge in the study.

All participants will receive 2 cinema tickets as a reward for their contribution. The interview is confidential and will focus on your situation and your thoughts on SPS at AAU. The interview can be conducted as a phone-, video- or physical meeting. All answers will be anonymized.



SU and SPS  

Questions about SU and SPS 

You will find the answers to most of your questions at or at the AAU SU Office website. If you have further questions regarding SU, please write to our office or call us Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12 (Phone 9940 9430). 


If you would like to hear more about special educational support (SPS) you can write to or call us Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12 (Phone 9940 9430). Your enquiry will be considered confidential. You can read more about SPS at and 


If you need to submit documentation or applications to us, please do so from your AAUmail to our email 


Contact information for SU and SPS  

Please note: The SU and SPS Office at Aalborg University is closed from 23 December until 2 January (both days included). 


Kind regards, 


The SU and SPS Office - Aalborg University