Study Activity Control

Read this if you have received a letter concerning lack of study activity

Last modified: 30.09.2021

In September, the Agency for SU has conducted a study activity control. If you receive a letter in your e-box informing you that your SU will stop due to lack of study activity, you can read about your options here. Lack of study activity means that you have not passed enough ECTS points compared to the number of SU portions that you have received.

You can see your study progression at minSU - ”Se din SU – Studiefremdrift”.


Delay due to illness, work within university boards or special circumstances

If your delay is due to illness, work within university boards or special circumstances you can apply for extra portions of SU. If you are granted extra portions of SU your study activity requirements will be reduced and you have the opportunity to keep your SU – you can find more information regarding extra portions of SU here (only in Danish)  Please send us an email to, if you have any questions regarding this.

If we receive your application for extra portions of SU before the deadline for consultation, which is 19 October 2021, 12 noon the decision about lack of study activity will be postponed, and you will receive SU, while we handle your application. If we receive your application after the deadline 19 October, your SU can be resumed, but at the earliest from the month, in which we receive your application. Notice that the processing time for applications is 3-6 weeks.


Being delayed

If your SU is stopped due to lack of study activity and it is not due to the above-mentioned reasons you can re-apply for SU when you have passed the number of ECTS-points mentioned in the letter that you have received.

An example: If you pass the ECTS points mentioned in the letter, in January, you can re-apply for SU in January. Your application will be approved when we can see that the ECTS-points have been registered on STADS.  Notice that you have to re-apply for SU on “minSU” by the end of the month, where you want to receive SU – “minSU/RET DIN SU/Genoptag SU”. If you want to apply for January, you must apply no later than 31 January.