Call for abstracts to the Nordic Gambling Research Network – Gambling in Context (GAMIC)

Call for abstracts to the Nordic Gambling Research Network – Gambling in Context (GAMIC)

A good research network is essential for future development, continuity and coherence of gambling research across the Nordic countries. Financed by the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS), the primary objective of GAMIC is accordingly to form a strong Nordic gambling research network involving senior and junior researchers and integrating existing national networks with aim of eliciting a strong and interdisciplinary Nordic contribution to the gambling research field.


19.05.2022 - 08.15


The background for GAMIC activities is an increased impact of gambling activities in contemporary societies and the related call for deepened understandings of the various contexts of gambling (socio-cultural, historical, technological) as well as state-gambling relationships. Promising research is being undertaken on these themes within the Nordic countries. Encouraging researchers to communicate more closely with each other across different Nordic and international research perspective will strengthen this current research effort.

The overall aim is thus to bring together researchers from the Nordic countries to discuss, compare and present research that capture the broader socio-political, technological and cultural factors that influence gambling practices and potential problems to nurture interdisciplinary and comparative research, to develop new research ideas and to lay grounds for a consortium initiating joint research. GAMIC aim to nurture the development of a Nordic infrastructure and meeting place for junior and senior researchers within the gambling field. The work will focus on expanding collaboration between different countries and research environments in the Nordic region as well as promote and encourage ongoing and new research in this area. The announced workshop is free of charge and open for registration from Nordic gambling researchers. Presenters with accepted papers will get their travel and accommodation expenses covered by the network. Abstract acceptance will be based on content, available space, and overall program balance.

Workshop 3
Blurring boundaries, socio-cultural and
commercial determinants of gambling
19 May 2022, Aalborg, Denmark

Along with the digitization and gamification of modern everyday life and subsequent increases in internet gambling, there has been a blurring of lines between digital gaming and monetary gambling. This has raised concerns relating to the penetration of gambling by way of socially accepted activities such as sport and video gaming and on how to protect vulnerable populations such as children and young people from gambling promotion. In some computer games it is possible to buy extra levels or otherwise improve the experience by buying “skins” that may be exchanged to currencies used in online casinos. Another example is the use of loot boxes in some computer games. Esport-betting is a further rapidly developing practice that may appeal to a young audience and Esport spectators. Similarly, simulated digital gambling has emerged as another related area of concern. Simulated digital gambling covers a range of online, money free gambling activities that are offered through various online platforms. There is a lack of research exploring in-depth the implications of the blurring boundaries between gambling and gaming, how gaming or simulated gambling affects gambling attitudes and behavior. This workshop will address questions such as (but will not be limited to):

  • How do the blurring boundaries between gaming and gambling affect gambling practices particularly among vulnerable groups such as children and young people?

  • What are the implications of the blurring boundaries in terms of protection of vulnerable groups and prevention of gambling problems?

  • To what extent do video gaming, simulated gambling, and Esport mediate gambling activities?

Important information and dates

  • Submission of abstracts – deadline 1 April 2022 (information on how to submit and register will follow in early 2022 on this webpage (active link will be provided on this website) 

  • Notification by e-mail to all authors on abstract acceptance 8 April 2022

  • Workshop to be held 19 May 2022

If you have any questions, please contact the organizers of GAMIC



Stockholm University, Aalborg University, and University of Bergen




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