Japan-DK-seminar: Construction Kaizen and i-Construction

Japan-DK-seminar: Construction Kaizen and i-Construction

The construction sectors in Japan and Denmark/EU are fighting for better productivity, technology, workers and technicians to fulfil the growing demands for more, cheaper, better and sustainable buildings and infrastructures. The global visions in the 17 UN su-stainable goals as well as new technology push the development in construction. However, are we really working for it, and have we seen essential improvements on building projects?


13.09.2019 kl. 08.00 - 17.00


No, say a Danish study in Construction Supply Chain Management (CSCM), Lean and Toyota Production System (TPS) and indicates, that there may be a missing link, where Kaizen and a better pull-push-balance could be an opportunity.

At a meeting in New York in January Professor Kazuyoshi Tateyama, Ritsumeikan University, Japan and Senior Researcher Niels Haldor Bertelsen, SBi/Aalborg University discussed how to meet this challenges. September 13, 2019 Professor K. Tateyama and a small Japanese delegation visit Copenhagen, and we have therefore planned to continue our search for solutions together with Danish stakeholders at this Japan-DK-Seminar.

To focus our discussions we have divided the seminar in the following themes, and we hope that they can form an encouraging discussion room at the seminar:

  • Theme 1: Challenges, visions and focus areas for construction development in Japan and Denmark/EU to improve productivity and other goals.
  • Theme 2: Construction Kaizen, motivation and continuous improvement as a bottom up innovation strategy to improve pull from construction workers. Program for theme 1 and 2
  • Theme 3: A site visit - Building projects realises visions, innovation and document the impact on productivity, quality and other goals.
  • Theme 4: i-Construction, new technology, Virtual Design and Construction, automation, drones and robots as a top down innovation strategy that push construction. Program for theme 4



  • Theme 1-1 Introduction Bertelsen (pdf)
  • Theme 1-2 Challenges DK Espersen (pdf)
  • Theme 1-3 Challenges JP Tateyama (pdf)
  • Theme 2-2 Kaizen in E&P DK Frederiksen (pdf)
  • Theme 2-2 Lean Construction DK Japan Study 2017 (pdf)
  • Theme 2-3 i-Construction in SME Yokoyama (pdf)
  • Theme 2-3 Video data i-Construction Tateyama (pdf)
  • Theme 2-4 SMART training DK Okking (pdf)
  • Theme 2-5 Education in motivation Djaelund (pdf)
  • Theme 4-1 Introduction Soerensen (pdf)
  • Theme 4-2 VDC BIM ICT in DK Kragh (pdf)
  • Theme 4-3 Commissioning ICT Blaadal&Wollsing (pdf)
  • Theme 4-4 Site robots (pptx, 150 MB)
  • Theme 4-5 i-Construction new ICT Tateyama (pdf)
  • Theme 4-5 i-Construction new ICT Furuya (pdf)
  • Theme 4-6 3D Construction Printing Ellinghausen (pdf)




Meeting time

Friday, September 13, 2019, at 08:00-17:00 in locations A, B and C.

Meeting locations

The seminar is locations in the following adresses in the center of Copenhagen:

  • A. 08:00-12:30 - Closed session: BLOXHUB, Bryghuspladsen 8, Entrance C, 3rd floor, 1473 Copenhagen K. – Theme 1 and 2.
  • B. 12:30-14:00 - Closed session: Aarsleff construction site ‘Postgrunden’, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 10, 1577 Copenhagen V. – Theme 3 and in Danish
  • C. 14:00-17:00 - Open session: IDA-house, The Danish Society of Engineers, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1780 Copenhagen V. – Theme 4 in Danish.




Several sites in Copenhagen - see program for details


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