ETW Pitching: How to make a kick ass presentation

ETW Pitching: How to make a kick ass presentation


25.11.2020 kl. 16.30 - 19.30


There is often an expectation that we can convey our content and message in an inspiring and well-formulated manner. And there are a lot of good advice about the art of holding a presentation or a speech that takes cones - but where do you start?

Lasse Jensen looks at over a thousand pitches each year and teach in different directions within all genres of pitches, presentation techniques and networking, and help daily entrepreneurs find the valuable content and train until it sits in the closet.

We like to talk about pitching - and you have to practice the handing over.

In fun and relaxed settings, you are helped to structure your pitch, based on proven methods and fun exercises, and will occasionally get the opportunity to train alone and in groups.
You are dressed to put together your future presentations, based on simple structures and helped to learn the art, to think of the target audience, and thus cut the unnecessary so that your message stands clear and clear, for example, as mentioned earlier in connection with networking and social events.



  • Clear, precise and targeted communication
  • Awareness of your body language and the signals you send
  • Take advantage of the hidden power of your voice
  • Frame your recipient spot on, talk about the essentials and enter clearly in character
  • Give your audience what they expect, plus some more
  • Use improvisation, and work with storytelling



Event time: November 25 2020, 16:30 - 19:30

Location: Room 37, Fibigerstræde 11, 9220 Aalborg Øst


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