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Invitation to conference on Building our stories:  Co-creating tourism futures in research and practice

Invitation to conference on Building our stories: Co-creating tourism futures in research and practice

These are extraordinary times. Unprecedented and sustained tourism growth has transformed many cities across Europe while rural and regional areas remain unsure how they can better leverage the massive growth at their doorstep. The tourism industry is undergoing restructuring, new stakeholders are emerging, landscapes of power are shifting, and lines of responsibilities are being redrawn.


20.08.2017 kl. 18.00 - 22.08.2017 kl. 16.00


While we have more researchers than ever before dedicated to exploring the characteristics, impacts and opportunities of tourism from the global scale to micro-practices, what difference does this research make? We are producing more books, more journal articles and more reports than ever before about the impacts and effects of tourism. However, research is struggling to have any noticeable impact on everyday tourism practices. Researchers are incentivized into research, scholarly communication and engagement practices that circulate in a world distinct from practice. The need to move beyond the current obsession with research impact as a contrived metric, and to learn from the stories of change agents, entrepreneurs and activist scholars has never been more important. The challenge for progressive action-oriented researchers is to share stories, to create educational/learning spaces, and to co-create tourism futures through active engagement and fierce compassion for people and planet. This is TEFI’s space and the focus of the Euro-TEFI 2017 Conference.

Drawing inspiration from fairytales to philosopher kings, Copenhagen, Denmark, offers a unique setting for our first TEFI regional conference. Home to one of the greatest storytellers, H.C. Andersen, but also home to one of the greatest existential philosophers, Søren Kierkegaard, our local inspirations are broad and our goals are lofty. In keeping with previous TEFI conference themes that seek to activate change, empower engaged scholarship, disrupt, inspire, lead and care, Aalborg University’s Department of Culture and Global Studies invites you to share your story and to help co-create compassionate and caring tourism futures.

Storytelling is a powerful way of exploring the values underpinning our scholarship and praxis. It helps to create spaces of sharing and connects us, often in personal ways, to other actors. Stories allow us to explore how, what and why we value certain things, and it helps unlock our dreams for the future. In this conference we seek to share and co-create tourism stories that will lead us towards sustainable, caring citizenship for tourism. We welcome abstracts that address the following themes:

  • Stories and story-telling as education, inspiration and change-making
  • Stories of coping, nurturing and disrupting
  • Framing tourism futures
  • Spaces and places of learning and knowledge co-creation
  • Stories to empower diversity and equity in tourism
  • Knowledge dynamics, liminal boundaries and threshold concepts
  • On becoming a pracademic
  • Ethics of care in research and practice
  • Ontological, epistemological and axiological pluralism in praxis
  • Inhabiting pracademic borderlands
  • Beyond metrics, towards meaning
  • Multi-modal methods of story telling
  • Moral responsibility and our professional core
  • Activism, empowerment and leadership
  • Dialogues across communities

Abstracts and full papers addressing related themes may also be suitable, however their connection to the above call must be clearly articulated.

Key Dates

Abstracts (500 words max): 27 Jan 2017
Advice to authors: ongoing
Full Papers (max 5000 words): 15 June 2017

Key Contacts

Co-Chairs: Dianne Dredge, dredge@cgs.aau.dk
Szilvia Gyimóthy, gyimothy@cgs.aau.dk
Conference organisation inquries: Ulla Langballe, ulla@cgs.aau.dk


TEFI Tourism Education Futures Initiatives and TRU - Tourism Research Unit, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University


Aalborg University - Copenhagen Campus, Denmark

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