Lawrence Naaikuur

Online PhD Defense by Lawrence Naaikuur

Lawrence Naaikuur defends his PhD thesis: Exploring the contributions of community radio to local governance in Wenchi municipality, Ghana


30.06.2020 kl. 13.00 - 16.00



Exploring the contributions of community radio to local governance in Wenchi municipality, Ghana.



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summary of the thesis

The overarching focus of the study is the exploration of how community radio (CR) can address some issue-based areas related to efforts aimed at building good governance practices at the local level of Ghana. Royals FM, a member station of the Ghana Community Radio Network (GRCN), the national umbrella organization of CR stations operating at Wenchi District Assembly area of Brong Ahafo Region, has been investigated in relation to its role in promoting good governance at the grassroots level.  The explorative study clearly demonstrates that CR can be a unique medium for promoting good local governance provided its core characteristics of community ownership, non-profit, non-partisanship and exclusive use of local languages, are well adhered to.  But the study reveals deficits in adherence to these principles as Royals FM and other GCRN members are not truly owned and there is a widespread perception that the stations are no less politically partisan than the mainstream public and commercial radio in Ghana.  The less than authentic CR in Ghana tends to create a waning public confidence in the stations and seem to undermine their valuable contributions to local governance.

The above short falls notwithstanding, the study provides ample insight on how Royals FM has tackled issues related to participation, accountability and responsiveness in the Wenchi Municipal Assembly. There are innovative programmes that promote vigorous on-air debates on development issues and promote civic education on citizens’ rights within the local governance system.  The programmes serve to enhance communication between the elected representatives (Assembly members) to the local government unit (District Assembly) and their electorates by regularly featuring the Assembly members on air through which they are held accountable.  In playing a watchdog through investigative journalism, Royals FM has revealed financial corruption at the Assembly.  And in serving as an agenda-setter, the immediate developmental challenges of the people are not only highlighted, but pressures are also brought to bear on duty-bearers leading to the provision of services in health, education and sanitation across the District.



  • Associate Professor Martin Bak Jørgensen, Aalborg University (Chair)
  • Associate Professor Paula Mälck, Stockholms University
  • Dr. Wiston Mano, University of Westminster


  • Associate Professor Oscar Garcia Agustin, Aalborg University



  • Senior Lecturer Africanus Diedong, University for Development Studies



  • Associate Professor Ben Dorfman



  • Associate Professor Lars Birch Andreasen



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