Tobias Boelt Back

PhD Defense By Tobias Boelt Back

Tobias Boelt Back defends his PhD Thesis: One more time with feeling: Resemiotising boundary affects for doing ‘emotional talk show’ interaction for another next first time


14.08.2020 kl. 13.00 - 16.00



One more time with feeling: Resemiotising boundary affects for doing ‘emotional talk show’ interaction for another next first time



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One more time with feeling: Resemiotising boundary affects for doing ‘emotional talk show’ interaction for another next first time.

Numerous ethnomethodological conversation analytical studies show how the co-construction of meaning over time is inextricably intertwined with the making of the material world (e.g. Murphy, 2012; Nevile, Haddington, Heinemann and Rauniomaa, 2014; Streeck, Goodwin & LeBaron, 2011). Still, some aspects of this intertwined-ness of action and materiality remain under-researched and under-theorised. The dissertation investigates the joint process of co-creating semiotic ecologies for doing ‘emotional talk show’ interaction. The study makes methodological contributions to the growing body on ethnomethodological and conversation analytical literature in two major areas: First, the intertwined-ness of professional actors and ‘their’ work-relevant objects, and second, practice as embedded in time and space. A main finding is that by studying interaction as a multi-semiotic, processual ontology we can trace how slowly emerging action-relevant properties of objects are embedded within larger networks of mediated activities. That is, interactions are never absolutely local but rather ‘in themselves’ somehow stretched moments of interaction. This observation has been made before–most often as a critique of the conversation analytical obsession with seeing the world in a locally situated grain of sand. However, I take this criticism as a point of departure in order to investigate on a (at least from an EMCA point-of-view) larger time-scale the continuous reassembling of a professional community. My study shows how actions set up the sequential space of possibilities for both immediate and remote future actions–often by displacing actions into exo-somatic objects. The joint, effortful work of making action-relevance visible across time and space by working up and continuously resemiotising specific institutional objects enables people to act at a distance and to constitute and maintain a shared sense of progressivity.


  • Associate Professor, PhD Laura Bang Lindegaard, Aalborg University
  • Professor, PhD Mathias Broth, Linköping University
  • Reader, PhD Eric Laurier, University of Edinburgh



  • Paul McIllvenny



  • Paul McIllvenny



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