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Joint Masters

What is a Joint Master?

Aalborg University is participating in various Erasmus partnerships which are partnerships between higher educational institutions in EU and non-EU countries aiming at enhancing student mobility mainly from non-EU countries to European partner institutions.

The programmes are supported by the European Commission by a grant offering scholarships to a limited number of students from the eligible partner countries. For a full list of the programmes that AAU is currently offering – see the programme list below.

The programmes are often open to self-funding students as well. You may read more about this possibility in the programme list below.

AAU is also an active partner in international master programmes and double degree programmes where students will rotate between university departments in both Nordic and European partner countries. Successful graduates will receive a double or multiple degree award. This means that each of the universities where the student spends at least one semester will award the student a full Master degree in line with national legislation. In addition to their degree certificates, graduates will also receive a diploma supplement that outlines the nature of the course, curriculum and marking scheme.

Please see the individual deadlines at the programme website.




Non EU-students , December 19, 2016

EU students, February 1, 2017

Self-funded students, July 1 2017


January 31, 2017


December 1, 2016


EU candidates - November 3, 2017(23.59 Sweden time)

Latin American candidates - November 23, 2017 (23.59 Sweden time)


GIM:  2017

CIR: 1 April 2017

NOVA: 1 April 2017


JEMES CiSu: 1 April 2017


MediaAC: Pre-Check for Erasmus+ scholarship applications deadline is December 1, 2016.
Erasmus+ Scholarship application deadline is January 1, 2017

Self-funded students: Non-EU students April 29, 2017, EU students June 1, 2017.


International Coordinator

Mette Sæderup Thorvaldsen

  (45) 9940 7512


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