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Master's Programmes

Master's programmes with available study places starting in September 2019 are open for applications.

available AAU master's programmes
Start in september 2019

Bachelor's programmes

See available study places at AAU's bachelor's programmes from July 26.

see available AAU bachelor's programmes on july 26

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Are you a new student admitted to Aalborg University, you cand find more information on the website for new students.

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Here are the most important dates for 2019, that you should be aware of as a future student.

  • January 31                   September semester ends
  • February 1                    Study Start for most Master’s programmes
  • February 6                    Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Copenhagen (Bachelor’s programmes)
  • February 23                  Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Esbjerg (Bachelor’s programmes)
  • March 1                         Application deadline for Master’s programmes
  • March 1                         Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Aalborg (Bachelor’s programmes)
  • March 15, 12 pm           Application deadline for Bachelor’s programmes
                                          Read more at apply.aau.dk and optagelse.dk
  • July 26                          View your application status regarding bachelor admission in unistart
  • ​June 30                         February semester ends
  • September 2                 Study start for all Bachelor’s programmes
  • September                    Study start for all Master’s programmes
  • October 15                   Application deadline for Master’s programmes

PhD & continuing education

PhD & continuing education
Aalborg University offers PhD studies and part-time, continuing adult education (studies following the completion of a university degree).

Learn more about PhD studies

Learn more about continuing education

AAU - a Scandinavian university

Aalborg University is situated in Denmark, which is a part of Scandinavia.

You can study at Aalborg University in three Danish cities: Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.