Education and programmes at Aalborg University


Here are the most important dates for 2022, that you should be aware of as a future student.

  • January 31                 September semester ends
  • February 1                  Study Start for certain Master’s programmes
  • February 10                Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Copenhagen
                                       (Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes)
  • February 26                Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Esbjerg (Bachelor’s programmes) 
  • March 1                       Application deadline for Master’s programmes
  • March 4                       Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Aalborg (Bachelor’s programmes)
  • March 15, 12 pm         Application deadline for Bachelor’s programmes.
                                        Read more at and
  • June 18                       Available study places for Master's programmes
  • ​June 30                       February semester ends
  • July 28                        View your application status regarding bachelor admission in unistart 
  • July 28                        Available study places for Bachelor's programmes
  • September 1               Study start for all Bachelor’s programmes
  • September                  Study start for all Master’s programmes
  • October 15                  Application deadline for Master’s programmes (February intake)
  • November                   Open Day at Aalborg University, Campus Aalborg (Master’s programmes).
                                        Date will be announced on

PhD & continuing education

PhD & continuing education
Aalborg University offers PhD studies and part-time, continuing adult education (studies following the completion of a university degree).

Learn more about PhD studies

Learn more about continuing education

AAU - a Scandinavian university

Aalborg University is situated in Denmark, which is a part of Scandinavia.

You can study at Aalborg University in three Danish cities: Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.