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New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation

Want to become an entrepreneurial person with an innovative mindset?

The ability to create and develop business is one of the key competences in today’s society. Studying New Venture Creation, you will become a more enterprising individual – an individual marked by imagination, initiative, and readiness to undertake new projects. You will be well-equipped to enter the business world and make a difference – either in established companies, private organisations or as an entrepreneur of your own business.

What is the New Venture Creation semester?

New Venture Creation is an international cross-disciplinary semester with focus on business creation and business management. It is a real-life experience in entrepreneurship. And it is an opportunity for students from all disciplines and from all over the world to learn how to start your own company, design sustainable business models, and importantly – interact with a lot of interesting business people (Danish and international practitioners) through professional discussions.

For most students this semester will be a 9th semester course as an alternative to an internship or other classes, however, it can be taken as any semester on your master program.

The New Venture Creation semester will give you:

  • business skills and a financial literacy
  • esearch and testing skills (e.g. available markets, suppliers, customers and the competition)
  • a creative toolbox
  • management skills – the ability to set goals, manage time, money and people (both oneself and others)
  • communication skills – the ability to sell ideas and persuade others
  • team working skills – the ability to work both as part of a team and independently
  • project planning skills – the ability to plan, coordinate and organize effectively
  • decision making and problem-solving skills
  • networking skills
  • self-advocacy and conflict resolution skills
  • a great community to be part of – you will never be alone!

These of the abovementioned will be very useful in your future professional career and will benefit all employees within a business – even if you become your own boss by starting a company.

Furthermore, you will learn how to:

  • draw up a business plan for a new venture
  • market and sell a new product or idea
  • do financials (budgets and forecasts)

Why take this course?

Studying New Venture Creation is a unique opportunity to:

  • get the time to start a new company - and get 30 ECTS credits simultaneously
  • get hands-on experience with business startup and business management
  • learn through doing instead of listening - combine theoretical knowledge with practical application
  • put all other study-related things on hold and get the time to start or further develop your own company – and receive help and advice from our supportive educators all the way through the process
  • learn tangible tools and techniques that is actually wanted by employers
  • create a project that could actually be your future career and possible source of income, instead of one ending up on the shelf with the rest of them
  • get useful connections – both fellow students but also practitioners from the business world
  • put some “business” on your diploma if you do not already have that


New Venture Creation is a part of the Master's programme in Management Accounting & Control (Økonomistyring). Find the curriculum at: http://www.fak.samf.aau.dk/uddannelse/studieordninger/erhvervsoekonomi/


All inquiries about how to apply to the New Venture Creation semester should be made to our course secretary, Vibeke Jørgensen

If you have specific course-related questions, please contact our course coordinator Kristian Brøndum Kristiansen


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Morten Lund & Kristian Brøndum Kristiansen

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Business and Entrepreneurship